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Google Apps in Higher EDU

Google Docs in the Classroom:

All Things Google: Using Google for Writing Portfolios

"This past semester, I decided to experiment a bit. In our writing program, students must submit a portfolio at the end of the semester. That portfolio is then evaluated by one (sometimes two) readers other than the instructor. Though I’ve been using Google Documents in class for quite a while, submitting the portfolio has always meant printing out the various drafts of essays at semester’s end. That’s provided me with an opportunity to talk with students about good record-keeping and information management, but it was still a bit of a bother. Why not just have students create their portfolios electronically?" ... click to continue reading  

Revisiting Using Google Documents in the Writing Classroom 

"[A] little over a year ago, I wrote a post titled “Using Google Documents When Others Need Paper.” Since then, Google Documents has undergone some significant changes. Perhaps the most notable is the new document editor (which is now the default for new accounts, unless I’m mistaken). That’s a welcome change; the new editor more closely resembles a desktop word processing application than the previous editor did, which makes it feel more familiar to new users." ... click to continue reading 

Using Google Documents for Grading

"To judge by a number of posts here at ProfHacker, grading doesn’t seem to be anyone’s favorite thing to do. One of the things that I’ve found helpful is to try to reduce the amount of time that I have to spend on administrative grading-related tasks, so that I can really focus my attention on reading and responding to students’ work.
Enter Google Documents, one of our favorite cloud-based tools. I’ve been using it for some time now as a way for students to submit their work. But it wasn’t until I read Andrew Cullison’s “Grade Student Papers Using Google Forms” that I tried using Google Documents for grading."... click to continue reading

Google Documents Discussions

"About two months ago, Google added something new to Google Documents: Discussions. It’s a very convenient way to keep track of comments on a document—even after the comments have been deleted because the discussion about the passage in question has been resolved." ... click to continue reading 

Writing Equations in Google Docs

"Google Docs just keeps adding and adding lots of useful features. Over a year ago Google imported the equation editor from Knol (does anyone actually use that?) into Google Docs, which is helpful if you need to write documents with equations.
Here’s a step-by-step introduction to adding equations in Google Docs. Clicking on each of the figures below will take you to a larger version." ... click to continue reading

Getting Started with Google Docs in the Classroom

"One of the goals of Prof. Hacker is to introduce to you some of the tools we use so that the tools become less intimidating. Face it, changing one’s preferred word processing program can be pretty intimidating—not only for you but for students as well. In this post, you’ll get a quick introduction to Google Docs as well as some “lessons learned” by yours truly. In the comments, I hope others will share their experiences using Google Docs in the classroom." ... click to continue reading

Google Groups:

All things Google: Google Groups

"As academics, it’s not unusual for us to need to be in touch with several different groups of people that are related to our scholarship, our service, or our wider interests as human beings. We’re lucky to have email to help us manage this communication. Email allows us to transfer information quickly and saves us from having to go to a different website to stay updated. But there are difficulties to using email for group communication. First, one can easily leave people off a message. Second, depending on the storage capacities of your email system, you might not be able to keep a record of all the messages related to a particular group’s project." ... click to continue reading


Professors Consider Classroom Uses for Google Plus

"Google Plus, the social-networking platform, is so new that most Internet users are not yet able to see it—an invitation is required while the service is in its test phase. But some professors who have tried it say they already see possible uses for teaching and research if the service catches on." ... click to continue reading

10 Ways to Use Google Plus in the Classroom

"Obviously you are going to want to create a circle for your class and guide them through  making a circle for the class as well. But as cool as that is, it doesn’t stop there. You can also make a circle for announcements and important links and drop any posts in that you know you may use every semester. Then you just find it in the stream for that circle and repost to your current class when you are ready. You can also create circles for students by category. I tend to keep theatre students with me from class to class so I have created a circle for current theatre students who might want to receive updates about upcoming events at our theatre or other’s in the city." 
This article also covers the other areas of Google+ ... click to continue reading

How to Use Google Plus in the Classroom  

"Google+ may seem like just another social network, and in some ways it is. But Google's new social space has some new key features that might make it an excellent tool for educators.
 Children, teenagers and even many adults are already frequenting social sites several times a day, so the fact that Google+ has educational possibilities could help engage a new generation of students that have much more to distract them than ever before.
Here are a few aspects of Google+ that might make it a tool for engaging both teachers and 21st century students:" ... click to continue reading

Google+ For Faculty and Staff

(Document) This document talks about the different aspects of Google+ and ways that Faculty and Staff can use it. click to continue to document

Google + for College Students

(Document) This document talks about the different aspects of Google+ and ways that college students can use it. click to continue to document

Archived Webinars:

Webinars, Events, and User Groups

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