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General Questions

What is Bboogle? 

Bboogle is a collaboration tool available in your Blackboard course or organization that enables instructors to create and share content with students through your Blackboard course. Bboogle integrates Google Apps for Education (known as "Owl Apps") services including Google Calendar, Docs, and Sites. A Bboogle Get Started Guide PDF (add link) is available, providing instructions for getting started using Bboogle.

How does Bboogle work? 

The integration of Google Apps for Education ("Owl Apps") with Blackboard enables instructors to collaborate with students. Instructors start by creating Docs, Calendars, and Sites within the Google Apps environment. Once created and linked within a Blackboard course site, this Google Apps content is shared automatically with all students enrolled in the course. Sharing settings for Docs and Sites by default assign the “collaborator” role for all students, allowing the students to edit and add to the linked Docs and Sites, though instructors can, if they wish, limit student privileges to only viewing the content. Students by default have only viewing access to a Google Calendar linked within Blackboard, though they can also be given “collaborator” rights by an instructor if s/he wishes to allow students to modify or add calendar information.

What types of content can I share with my class using Bboogle? 

Bboogle enables instructors and students to work collaboratively by sharing in the authoring of documents of various sorts. Word processing documents can be edited by several people at the same time and do not have to be sent around as attachments. Instructors can have students collaborate on documents in small groups, while keeping track of each students’ contributions. Spreadsheets can be used to assemble information from several students simultaneously, giving them quick information-sharing and flexibility when they are working out in the field. A Google site available to all students in a class can provide a simple and effective blogging tool, allowing each student to offer his/her own voice in response to learning content. A large and complex document development project can be easily segmented within a Google site, allowing allocation of the work among smaller groups of students to produce a coherent whole. A shared calendar can allow students to negotiate the scheduling of a complex project without requiring repeated face-to-face meetings. Forms for collecting response data over the web can be created, allowing students to easily aggregate large amounts of data for study or analysis.

What is Google Apps for Education?

Google Apps for Education is an application created by Google that provides educational institutions with a set of software services to be used for collaboration, including Google Documents (Docs), Google Calendar, and Google Sites. To learn more, watch the video.

How does Florida Atlantic University use Google Apps for Education? 

All FAU students are provided with Google Apps for Education accounts when they enter the University. Student accounts are created in the domain, offering e-mail, chat, calendar, documents, and sites. Graduating students are able to continue to use their accounts after leaving the University.

How do I access Bboogle? 

All Instructors who have courses in Blackboard are able to access Bboogle, enabling you to add links to your Owl Apps documents, calendars, and sites. Blackboard automatically logs you into your Owl Apps account. 

Do I have to be a user Blackboard to use Bboogle? 

Yes. You must be an FAU instructor with access to Blackboard to use Bboogle.

Where can I get additional support? 

A Bboogle Get Started Guide PDF is available with instructions on how to create class documents, calendars, or sites using the Bboogle services, and how to link this content to a specific course within Blackboard. For all questions regarding Blackboard or Owl Apps, submit a support ticket to