Bboogle (pronounced “ba-boogle”) is a set of tools that enables enhanced collaboration between faculty and students by integrating “Owl Apps” (Google Apps for Education) with Blackboard. Bboogle allows instructors to collaborate with students through real-time document and website sharing and editing, as well as calendar sharing.

Using Bboogle, instructors can provide links within their course sites to content they have created using Owl Apps, including:
  • Google Docs – Share documents including spreadsheets, presentation slides, forms and other file types with students. These files can be edited by several people at the same time and don’t have to be sent around as attachments. Instructors can easily keep track of each student’s contributions.
  • Google Calendars – Share information including assignment due dates, test dates, and project deadlines on a class calendar (which students can then easily add to their own personal calendars).
  • Google Sites – Share a course site that brings together all classroom materials including docs, calendars, photos and videos that can be presented to students either for viewing or co-authoring (such as a class blog or wiki or a group project).

To begin using Bboogle, instructors must first create their files (docs, calendars or sites) in Owl Apps. Content links can then be added in Blackboard in order to share them with students (the settings will allow you to decide whether or not an item can be edited by students). We recommend that you attend Owl Apps training in order to learn more about using these tools.