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Maia Santos

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Grade Level

11 or 12

Course Overview

    Though the obvious objective of this class is to produce the 2016 yearbook, it is a multi-disciplinary combination of marketing and sales, journalism, print concept design and planning, pre-production, and book distribution.  This elective course is offered to junior and seniors.  Students may only take this course once.

Course Outline

First Quarter:

Part I: Marketing 

During this quarter, we will workshop a marketing plan and execute it.  We will also work with the administration and Mr. Martin Santos and Mr. Tony Rodriguez to determine the content need of FDMS online.


1. To create a marketing plan for selling ads for Phoenix 2015.

2. To create a media sales kit.

3. To create a sales plan.

4. To execute sales plan with the goal to have sold all the available ads by Christmas.

5.  To create an editorial calendar and content for the needs of www.fatherduenas.com

Third Quarter:

Part 3: Pre-Production

By the new year, we have accomplished 2 main goals: Ad sales, and design concept.  In this quarter we will go full steam ahead with layout. The work will involve organizing photos, matching them with names and information, and photography and photo editing.


  1. The main objective this quarter is to create a print file for the final yearbook.

  2. To create online content for www.fatherduenas.com

Second Quarter:

Part 2: Concept & Design

These are the weeks we work on pure design and plan the visual story of the yearbook, including color story, fonts, layouts, etc.


1. To create a look and feel of the final yearbook plan.

2. To create section and page plans for all departments and levels.

3. To create online content for www.fatherduenas.com

Fourth Quarter:

Part 4: Press & Distribution

The last five weeks of the course will be involved in giving final press checks and making corrections and last minute additions and edits.  The yearbook should be printed and delivered by May 5th.  The remaining weeks will be about distribution and cleaning up and storing the photo and layout files for future reference.


1. Finalize print proof

2. Receive yearbooks

3. Distribute yearbooks and collect payment

4. Clean press files and disks.

5. Reconcile yearbook accounts with business office.

6. To create online content for www.fatherduenas.com