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Computer Graphics


Computer Graphics


Martin Santos

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Grade Level

11 or 12

Course Overview

    The focus of the Computer Graphics program is on the creative elements of technology. Three major areas are addressed: Print, Video, and Interactive Media (web and multimedia). Although each area of study is different in its delivery, they incorporate skills that are common to all. The curriculum, in its purpose and delivery, is geared towards training students to enter the professional industry.  This course is an elective offered to juniors and seniors.

Course Outline

1st Quarter:

Adobe Photoshop

  • Getting to know work area

  • Basic Selection Tools

  • Basic Pen Techniques

  • Basic Brush Techniques

  • Vector Mask, Paths & Shapes

  • Layer Techniques

  • Special Effects

  • Optimized Web Images

  • Animated Images

  • Saving images for print or web usage

3rd Quarter:

Adobe Dreamweaver

  • Basic Web Design

  • Basic HTML

  • Creating HTML Pages

  • Learning HTML Codes

  • Using images in HTML

  • Using images as hyperlinks

  • Making Effective Web Pages

  • Setting Background & Text Characteristics

  • Developing Forms

  • Creating and using tables

  • Using Dreamweaver

  • Uploading web pages into internet

2nd Quarter:

Adobe Illustrator

  • Getting to know work area

  • How Illustrator differs from photoshop

  • Objects Basics, Select and copy tools

  • Basic Transformation & reshaping shapes

  • Creating Blends, fills and stroke paths

  • Using Pen tool

  • Using Layers

  • Using Symbols & Gradients

  • Styles, Masks & Transparency

  • Effects & Filters

  • Saving images for print or web usage

4th Quarter:

Adobe Premier

  • Getting to know work area

  • Creating Videos

  • Editing Videos

  • Understanding Timelines

  • Inserting text into videos

  • Inserting narration into videos

  • Publishing videos

Microsoft Office

  • Basic Understanding of how to use office suite

    • Word

    • Excel

    • Powerpoint