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Mrs. Bobby M. McIntosh

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Grade Level

11 or 12

Course Overview

   Glencoe Accounting, First-Year Course is a comprehensive, two-semester, one-year course designed to bring the real world of accounting into the classroom.  Students will develop skills beginning with an understanding of the basic elements and concepts of double-entry accounting systems related to service businesses organized as a sole proprietorship.  Skills include understanding of the accounting equation, analyzing business transactions, entering transactions in journals, posting to ledgers, compiling end-of period financial statements, preparing closing entries, and managing cash.

Course Outline

First Quarter:

  • Chapter 1: You and the World of Accounting

  • Chapter 2: The World of Business and Accounting

  • Chapter 3: Business Transactions and the Accounting Equation

  • Chapter 4: Transactions that Affect Assets, Liabilities, and Owner’s Equity

  • Chapter 5: Transactions that Affect Revenue, Expenses and Withdrawals

  • Chapter 6: Recording Transactions in a General Journal

  • Chapter 7: Posting Journal Entries to General Ledger Accounts

  • Mini Practice Set 1: Web Sites

 Third Quarter:

  • Chapter 14: Accounting for Sales and Cash Receipts

  • Chapter 15: Accounting for Purchases and Cash Payments

  • Chapter 16: Special Journals: Sales an Cash Receipts

  • Chapter 17: Special Journals: Purchase and Cash Journals

  • Chapter 18: Adjustments and the Ten-Column Work Sheet

  • Chapter 19: Financial Statements for a Corporation

  • Mini Practice Set 4: In-Touch Electronics

Second Quarter:

  • Chapter 8: The Six-Column Work Sheet

  • Chapter 9: Financial Statements for a Sole Proprietorship

  • Chapter 10: Completing the Accounting Cycle for a Sole Proprietorship

  • Chapter 11: Cash Control and Banking Activities

  • Chapter 12: Payroll Accounting

  • Chapter 13: Payroll Liabilities and Tax Records

  • Mini Practice Set 2: Fast Track Tutoring Services

  • Mini Practice Set 3: Green Thumb Plant Service

 Fourth Quarter:

  • Chapter 20: Completing the Accounting Cycle for a Merchandising Corporation

  • Chapter 21:Accounting for Publicly Held Corporations

  • Chapter 22:Cash Funds

  • Chapter 23: Plant Assets and Depreciation

  • Chapter 24: Uncollectible Account Receivable

  • Chapter 25: Inventories

  • Chapter 26: Notes and Payables and Receivables

  • Chapter 27: Introduction to Partnerships

  • Chapter 28: Financial Statements for a Partnership

  • Chapter 29: Ethics in Accounting

  • Mini Practice Set 5: Kite Loft, Inc.

  • Mini Practice Set 6: Fine Finishes