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Ismael Perez

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Grade Level

11 or 12

Course Overview

   Chorus is a performance ensemble that is elected by students interested in learning performance skills and music fundamentals.  Emphasis is given to the development of the skills of students as individuals and as members of a group.  Students will have the opportunity to sing individually and as members of the entire ensemble, both in unison and in parts.  While some performance pieces may use piano accompaniment, the importance of the voice as the main instrument is highlighted with a cappella pieces and singing in parts.

Course Outline

1st Quarter:

  • Posture (standing and seated)

  • Proper breathing

  • Time Signature and Rhythm

  • Note and rest values

  • Treble Clef

  • Sol fege and singing vowels

3rd Quarter:

  • Liturgy and liturgical music choices

  • Different styles of music

  • Timbre

  • Texture (melody, harmony & polyphony)

  • Piano Keyboard

  • Key Signatures


2nd Quarter:

  • Sight singing

  • Meter

  • Bass Clef

  • Dynamics

  • Articulation

4th Quarter:

  • Singing, alone and with a group

  • Performance Evaluation

  • Music Analysis

  • Text painting

  • Musical Eras