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Emmanuel Santos, M.Ed.

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Grade Level

11 or 12

Course Overview

   This elective course on ART is offered to Juniors and Seniors as an opportunity to learn more about the various styles, techniques and movements of ART. Additionally it provides a chance to earn Art credits for the students' college applications. The course is designed so that the students get an overview of the various elements and expressions of art, exposing them to various art media and techniques, both in the two-dimensional and three-dimensional formats. It also offers a good measure of art history, theory and art appreciation. On the practical side, the students get the chance to display their artwork or use their artistic talents at school events and productions.

Course Outline

1st Quarter:

  • Introduction to Drawing, Measurements, Layouts & Proportions

  • Orthographic Views and Projections

  • Perspective Drawing / Basic Architecture Freehand Sketching in Pencil & Ballpoint

3rd Quarter:

  • Color Theory

  • Dry Media: Color Pencils & Pastel Crayons

  • Wet Media: Watercolor & Acrylic Paints

  • Freehand Sketching in Pen & Ink


2nd Quarter:

  • Value Drawing

  • Basic Human Anatomy

  • Learning from the Masters

  • Christmas Decoration

4th Quarter:

  • Congressional Art Contest

  • Three-Dimensional Art: Sculpting in Various Media

  • Calligraphy : Quadrata & Italics

  • Applied Art: Poster/ Book Layout & Illustration