Hi, folks. Have you ever heard about it? 
I don’t think so. What’s that?

    It’s is a new  communication mean that you can access to keep up to date with the hottest news and articles on Foreign Trade. Is it a journal or a magazine?
    Well, it’s a magajournal. Yeah, It’s a neologism. New ideas, new  words.  It’s something between a magazine and a journal. Magazine instead of journal just because it sounds less formal.
    Our intention is to produce a communication mean directed to college students and everyone else with deep interest in this field. It sounds to me that applying the word journal to this mean, it’ll bring formality and rigidity. The point is, they don’t fit our intention. We want to catch people. We desire to reach you.
    We want to inform, analyze facts and make you a broad-minded person.
    Surely, Trading Now is the result of academic seriousness. We’re committed to the accuracy of the news being published but we’re running away from the rigidity and formality of academic writing.

    We have in our mind to bring you articles and subjects to raise discussion and to make you think. Trading Now is a vehicle that uses a dynamic and young language to meet the needs of open minded people who are always searching for great news.
    It’s the result of an academic project developed and coordinated by Elizabete Rubliauskas Giachetti at Faculdade de Tecnologia do Estado de São Paulo – FATECPG. 
    First of all, I would like to thank everyone who contributed directly or indirectly for the making of this project.
    I’m very proud of being responsible for managing a communication mean inside a college, counting on the help of several students that are interested in using and developing English skills. I would like to thank Eliana Josefa da Silva, the Foreign Trade coordinator, for all the support given. She’s as enthusiastic as I am about this project just because it’s something very new and a real challenge. A very special thanks to Nilson Carlos Duarte da Silva, our college principal.

    The goal of the project is to help students improve the mastering of English as a second language. In completing this project the students will develop: writing skills, thinking about and using a variety of registers and styles And producing a large-scale piece of writing; research skills, using the internet and other sources to write their articles, team-working skills through the editing process; time management skills (completing the job within given timescales).

        This is it!!! I hope you enjoy it. Thanks.

Elizabete Rubliauskas Giachetti
                                          Project coordinator