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The Crawl space.  Dead space solution converted into revenue!


For many people crawl space is just a storage area at best! For Architalcan design Inc., it was an opportunity to expand and make it a legal one bedroom apartment with side entrance that now houses Rocco’s home office, but one day it could easily be rented out for handsome income!

Rocco and his wife, purchased this house (backsplit) in Etobicoke and at the first house visit, they have noticed this huge crawl space and the potential about 500 sq.ft,  5’ high.

They have created a one bedroom legal basement apartment with a separate entrance!

Rocco has acted as Home owner, designer and General Contractor.

He has studied the project very closely and designed the area layout to maximize the space. Also, he thought about the reselling point of view. Building permits were in place in matter of days.

The challenge of this project was mainly the digging part, all done by hand. They removed 9 bins of hard clay, 14 cubic yards each bin.

They managed to underpin the exterior foundation walls digging down 3’ deep, installing new weeping tile and sump pump.



Just like many other renovations, challenges often arise. Complication occurred with the location of the sewer line being higher vs. the new floor level, we end up installing a sewer pump ejector and obviously a sump pump which collect raining water from the walk out floor drawing and water table .

The wiring and plumbing had to be all installed as per current standard, we have also added tv cable living area, washroom, kitchen and bedroom.



Success was reached at the end by following the cost effective design and plan.

This place can be used in conjunction with the remaining of the house 4 levels with a potential second floor addition up to 6 levels complying with the zoning by-law or rented as a 1 bedroom apartment for about $800 at month!