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Ferndale Area Elementary School Family Support Program

      At Ferndale Area Elementary School, Family Support is a program that involves parents as an integral part of our educational team. Through Family Support, students are referred for assistance as indicated by their individual needs.  The Family Support Team functions as an advocate for the student, and works in conjunction with teachers, parents, and family members to increase student success and remove barriers to learning. Team members include; parents, teachers, the principal, guidance counselor, and family support coordinator.  During meetings the Family Support team reviews all areas of student development including;  social, emotional, academic, cognitive, and family dynamics. Personal home visits can be arranged when a parent is unable to visit the school for a meeting.  The principal, family support coordinator and guidance counselor are able to meet with parents in their home throughout the school year to ensure parent involvement. A Family Support Plan is developed, implemented and reviewed every 30 days until the student demonstrates consistent success over a 30 day period.  If you have any questions or would like more information about Family Support please contact Mrs. Koposko, Family Support Coordinator, at 535-6724 or by email mkoposko@fasdk12.org .


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