Welcome to the  SECOND (March 2012) edition of the FarmOrganizer™ website. This website has the simple objective of providing farmers with free downloads of the FarmOrganizer™ tools. There are not any pictures in the site yet but there are plenty in the guides attached!

FarmOrganizer™ provides a simple yet comprehensive way to understand all your farm business activities. This will help you identify, capture and organize all the information required for these activities. You will be then be able to create an up-to-date business plan or other types of documents at any time.

There is an organizational framework which provides a simple high-level structure for all your farming activities. The guide for this framework is on the top left side of this page (Organizational framework).

For each of the activities in this organizational framework, you will find

  • a guide for the activity 
  • simple worksheets for capturing information for the activity 
  • examples of the worksheets 
To download these documents, please go to the appropriate web page by clicking on one of the links on the left hand side of this page.

One of the most important activities in farming is Planning. We have created a simple planning guide which ensures that you have captured all the tasks and  information needed for the coming year. This guide can be downloaded from the web page which you can access by clicking on 1.1 Planning on the left hand side of this page.

Our intent for FarmOrganizer™ is to complement all the courses, books and expertise that are already available for farmers. We would like to put farmers in a better position to benefit from such knowledge. Using an analogy, we would like to show farmers how to do the arithmetic so that they can more easily learn algebra.

1. There are major changes to 1.1 Planning and 3.2 Selling with additions to 4.1 Human Resources.
2. Our vision is that FarmOrganizer™ will continue to evolve with your participation. We welcome your feedback and ideas. 
3. The guides, worksheets and examples on this website are free for farm use. For other uses please refer to the Licences tab above.