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Some of what you can see on the tours

Explore the landscape with the people who know it best
 Pricing and booking phone :+353(0)657089944
We are a group of farmers who have come together to interpret our land and promote our traditions. We have inherited an ancient and unique system that links us directly to pre-historic Burren farmers. We practice a tried and true tradition dictated by the landscape and we are passionate about our role in its conservation. By coming on our walks you will learn how nature, culture and farming have shaped the Burren as you see it today. You will be participating in an ecotourism experience that supports our co-op, contributes to the local economy, supplements our farm incomes and helps us to continue the farming practices that are vital for the conservation of the Burren. 
We offer 1 tour per day lasting approximately 2 hours.
The usual starting time is  2.00 pm. Other starting times by appointment. 

We believe there is no such thing as bad weather just the wrong                                             clothing. Walking gear essential.

This project was a finalist in the JFC Innovation Awards for Rural Business in 2010..

Limestone patterns caused by erosion
Discover the hidden secrets of the landscape, the local story, history and the folklore from the owners of the land.
You will be guided by the farmer on his own land and told  the
authentic story and local history as he learned it from his ancestors.Trace the history of farming and farmers down through the ages. The guides explain the unique farming systems that influence how this distinctive landscape now looks. Hear the stories of the past, the legends and how people overcame the problems of living in such a place.

This is an Ecotourism Ireland accredited project

 An eratic left by the ice age

The farm tours are provided by the individual landowners, who share their inherent wealth of knowledge about local history,
archaeology, landscape heritage, geology, and farming practices (both old and new), as well as innumerable anecdotes and tales about this unique place and its people.