2. A Process for Assessing and Evaluating a Student's Progress Toward Meeting State and Local Academic Standards

Data Retreat 

Every year in late August a data retreat is held in which a team of teachers from each building analyze and discuss the previous year’s assessment results.Through this analysis process, the teams determine the effectiveness of instruction/curriculum and sets SMART goals for the next school year. This process provides a clear focus for the upcoming school year that is shared with all building stakeholders. 

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Assessment Schedule 

Each year, Faribault Public Schools completes a series of assessments at each grade level to monitor our teaching strategies' effectiveness. Each set of assessments is designed to aid instruction and determine a student’s progression through the curriculum and success with meeting grade level standards.

Testing Calendar

Pre-Kindergarten Readiness Programs 

The readiness programs, within our district, located at McKinley Early Childhood Center, include Early Childhood Family Education(ECFE), Preschool, and Early Childhood Special Education Birth-5. These programs help to prepare our families and students to be successful with a focus on a child's physical, social, emotional and intellectual development.

MDE has a Kindergarten Entry Profile (KEP) that includes a menu of comprehensive assessment tools from which districts can choose based on the needs of the students and teachers.  The  list has different tools that all provide real-time data to schools in order to information planning and practice.  All of the measures have been aligned to the Early Childhood Indicators of Progress (ECIPS) and the Kindergarten Academic Standards.  McKinley utilizes the Desired Results Developmental Profile (DRDP).  The DRDP is a developmental continuum from early infancy  to kindergarten entry.  It is a formative assessment instrument developed by the California Department of Education for young children and their families to be used to inform instruction and program development.  There is consideration of young children who are dual language learners.  The universal design and adaptations make this a useable tool for children with an IEP or an IFSP.  There are eight domains: Approaches to Learning-Self-Regulation, Social and Emotional Development, Language and Literacy Development, English-Language Development, Cognition, Including Math and Science, Physical Development-Health, History-Social Studies, and Visual and Performing Arts.  This tool is being used with the children the year before kindergarten as there is a requirement that the children attend at least 10 hours a week.  

In  2013-2014, McKinley school became a ‘Parent Aware’ site. This provides us with the opportunity to align our curriculum with the Early Childhood Indicators of Progress which will help strengthen our program and better prepare our preschoolers for their future. Click here to visit the Early Childhood Website. 

McKinley also offers a Kindergarten Academy for students who have had no preschool experience.  This is a six week summer session that focuses on opportunity preK community members and hones in on SEL and academic prep.

Read Well by Third Grade Plan 

Every year our district revises and update our Read Well by Third Grade Plan. This plan is an outline of how, we as a district, intend to prepare all students to read by third grade and includes an outline of our Reading, RTI and Title programs. These programs have been designed to ensure success for all students. 

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English Learner Plan
In order to make sure we are meeting the needs of our students who need language support, we have a comprehensive plan for our English Learners.  This plan outlines how we provide students with the support they need to both meet state standards as well as develop proficiency in English.  This comprehensive plan helps to meet the needs of students 

Extended Learning Opportunities 

Faribault Public Schools has a multi-tiered plan to help provide all students students with enrichment opportunities both during the school year and in the summer.  During the school year, we provide opportunities for students to receive both targeted remedial instruction in the areas of math and reading as well as providing enrichment opportunities for students at both the elementary and middle schools. 

At the Middle School, we offer a program called Falcon Academy

Falcon Academy is for sixth-eighth grade students and will promote healthy learning and assist students who need the extra help to perform at their absolute best. Falcon Academy will have lower student to teacher ratio which 
allows a safe space for students to create the relationships that will help students learn and experience success. In addition, with the small class sizes, staff will be better able to address the domains of learning in a more 
individualized setting. Students will have built in time to address personal concerns and receive support from their peers and staff. Success will create a healthy, learning, and caring environment for students.

Community Education partners with Carleton College to offer several specific clubs for students, e.g., Young Chefs and Coding Club for Girls.  Community Ed also partners with the middle school counselors to offer a program called Where Everyone Belongs (WEB) which pairs 8th graders with incoming 6th graders to establish mentors at the beginning of the year.At the High School, we offer CAST and Homework Help.

CAST – College Ambitions Start Today, is an after school/summer school program for students in grades 9-12.  CAST focuses on a wide variety of activities including:  college prep, scholarships applications, academic tutoring, college visits, cultural events and activities, service learning and volunteer opportunities, ACT prep courses, and guest speakers in a variety of career fields.

Homework Help – is offered two days per week, after school as a drop in opportunity for students.  This program is staffed by core content teachers, paraprofessionals, and volunteer tutors from Carleton College in Northfield.  A snack and limited transportation is also provided.

In the summer, we provide Summer S.T.E.A.M. programming, a targeted 6-week program that provides authentic learning opportunities focused on Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics.  The morning consists of a focused curriculum in the areas of math, reading and science.  The afternoon is a chance to apply the concepts and material they learn with fun and exciting enrichment opportunities.  In addition, students participate in wellness opportunities, both physical and social/emotional to create a well-rounded educational experience to enhance their learning in all domains.

Our students teams with our service learning department to make connections with local businesses to create meaningful connections and partnerships that lead to career opportunities.  Service learning staff work directly with students on employability characteristics as well as other essential skills needed in the workforce.

Faribault Public Schools is pursuing every possible option to create a growing career and college pathway model in hope to reach all students before they graduate.