Evaluation Reports

Templates for Evaluation Report Assessments can be found in SpEd Forms and inserted into an Evaluation Report by following the steps below:

1.  To insert a test, navigate to the ER section where you want the test to appear.

2.  Be sure to start by placing your cursor on a new line by pressing “Enter” where you want the test to appear.

3.  You can choose from “SpEd Forms Tests” or “Local Tests”. ISD 656 uses "Local Tests" templates for all of its Evaluation Reports.  Click the appropriate “Tests” button.

4.  From the pop-up window, select a test category. A list of available tests in that category will then appear.

5.  Click the name of the test that you wish to use.

6.  The template will now be copied into the ER section at the point where your cursor was located. It can then be edited as needed.

Below are links to commonly used files:

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