1. General Requirements

You'd like to submit a game? To speed up the submission process, please use this form:   https://famobi.com/#game-submission 


    1.1 Loading
    • loading animation with percentages
    • no splash screen
    • no external files (scripts and fonts)
    • use lazy loading for games with +5MB (more details HERE)
    1.2 Assets
    • main graphics in sprites
    1.3 Background
    • use background tiles, a graphic or a single color matching the game design to mask black or white bars
    1.4 Texts / Localization
    • PREFERRED: game doesn’t contain ANY text, uses only icons (m
      ore details HERE)
    • IF the game contains text: all characters must be rendered via fonts or sprite/bitmap fonts
    • language support for: DE, EN, TR, PL, RU, NL, ES, PT, FR
    • text in graphics (worst solution!) needs to be localized by the developer
    • don't use language switches/buttons
>>> Also see API Implementation - 3.5 Localization HERE

    1.5 User Interface 
    • no buttons or game elements in the upper left corner
    • UI in landscape must not interfere with browser bars on iOS
    • play button must be the biggest button on the start screen
    • if the game has sound, the start screen needs to have a mute button
    • for exclusive games: no dev credits info; Famobi as publisher info
    • main menu button available in-game
    • position continue buttons always on the right side
>>> More details HERE

    1.6 Orientation
    • PREFERRED: game is playable in portrait and landscape 
    • PREFERRED: responsive UI which adapts to the orientation
    • game must be full screen, no black bars
    • no “rotate device” graphics
    • no "full screen" button or functionality
>>> More details HERE

    1.7 File Size
    • PREFERRED: game is less than 2MB (worst solution: game is more than 10MB)
    • assets must be optimized 
    • sounds must be optimized
>>> More details HERE

    1.8 iFrame
    1.9 Sound
    • PREFERRED: separate buttons for music and sound 
    • mute needs to work on all devices
    • game mutes when focus is lost
    • game unmutes when focus is gained
    • game is playable without music or sound
    1.10 Tutorial
    • PREFERRED: Animated, contextual in-game tutorial without text
    • worst solution: text-only tutorial
    1.11 Other
    • final game files must be delivered unminified and unobscured!
    • no hard-coded outgoing external links
    • no hard-coded outgoing external branding 
    • no debug output
    • game contains natural breaks
    • when focus is lost, game is paused
    • index file adjustments
    • no double input issues
    • no tap-freeze issues
    • teaser (500x500px) and header .pngs (2400x1350px) for promotional use need to be provided by developer
>>> More details HERE
>>> Also see API Implementation HERE

Any questions or feedback? Contact us at apis@famobi.com! We're happy to help!