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Graphic Organizers

Graphic Organizers are tools that help you create, compose, and structure your work.  Whether it is an ORQ (open response question) or essay or persuasive speech -- graphic organizers provide you with the necessary template to accomplish your assignment.  However, graphic organizers are based on a person's preference.  Some students prefer a more linear (outline) format while others more abstract (shapes) format.  Look through these graphic organizers to determine which ones work for you.  If you do not see one here that you think will help you, please see me.  I have a binder full of them and access to more on the internet.  Enjoy!
Ċ GraphicOrganizerforAnalysis.pdf
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Ċ GraphicOrganizerforFiveParagraphEssay.pdf
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Ċ GraphicOrganizerforORQ.pdf
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Ċ GraphicOrganizerforTwoPromptORQ.pdf
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