COVID Grading Rationale and Student Safeguards, PK-12

We recognize the need for continued student learning through remote platforms, yet also realize that the current conditions are not ideal. Please watch the brief screencast below for an explanation on our rationale for our COVID closure grading practices.

District Rationale for Emergency Grading Changes due to COVID 2020.webm

In recognition of the stress and varied learning conditions so many in our community are experiencing, we will implement the following safeguards relative to student 4th quarter grades in Fallsburg CSD schools:

  • A student’s cumulative or final year grade, per course or subject, will be the average of the first three quarters/marking periods, or all four quarters/marking periods, whichever is higher.
  • All final exams (local and Regents) are cancelled.
  • The Jr.-Sr. High School student handbook is amended so that any failing student in grades 7-8 is eligible to attend summer school, regardless of the number of courses failed.
  • Any student who fails a course—for the year—will be eligible to attend summer school. The district will provide for his/her enrollment and transportation.
  • Where appropriate, a teacher may consider using a grade of “incomplete,” in a manner consistent with his/her school’s student handbook.