COVID Grading: Fallsburg JSHS

For the fourth quarter of the 2019-20 year, only, Fallsburg JSHS teachers will identify a set of 3-6 content area standards that students are expected to learn through the end of the school year.

Teachers will develop and assign activities that are directly aligned with these standards. Teachers will review and assess returned student work. The returned work will be referred to as evidence for teachers when they make the holistic ratings described below. Should students not complete a particular assignment, it will not be counted as a "0," but rather as a missed opportunity to show their learning.

At the 5th and 10th (end of the quarter) week, teachers will rate student progress on the identified standards--based on the student work submitted--using the following four-point scale:

4--Student frequently demonstrates mastery in this standard.

3--Student is proficient in this standard.

2--Student is below proficiency in this standard, and/or has demonstrated academic growth during this marking period.

1--Student is performing well below proficiency in this standard.

Once the teacher has rated the student in each of the course standards, he/she will average the ratings to find a standard-course average. This standards-course average is then applied to a conversion chart. (Note: This conversion chart is only used after the calculation of the standard-course average.) Below is an example from a possible set of standards in Global Studies 9:

In this example, the student's 4th quarter average is 75. This would only be counted if, when averaged with the other three quarters, it produces a higher final course average. If the average of the first three quarters is higher, then it will be used.

Another safeguard in this system, for students, is that if after completing the conversion (to a 50-100 score) the teacher feels a higher GPA (50-100 score) is a more accurate reflection of the student’s achievement, the teacher may change the GPA to the higher score.

The videos, below, explain the district's rationale for developing its emergency grading protocol, and how it will be applied to the Fallsburg Jr.-Sr. High School.

COVID Closure Grading at Fallsburg JSHS--2020.webm
District Rationale for Emergency Grading Changes due to COVID 2020.webm