ESSA School Accountability

The New York State Education Department has recently released its new, Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) school accountability determinations.  The Fallsburg Central School District has been identified as a “target district;” the Fallsburg Jr.-Sr. High School and BCES have been identified as a school in need of “comprehensive support and improvement” (CSI).  Student subgroups at the district and school (i.e., Fallsburg JSHS) levels have also been identified for “targeted support and improvement” (TSI).

NYSED’s new accountability metrics measure student achievement, student growth, academic progress, graduation rates, English proficiency, college/career/civic readiness, and attendance rates in new and myriad ways.  The formulas used in each of these areas are complicated: In its attempt to measure schools beyond student performance on standardized assessments, it has developed methods that many have yet to fully comprehend. Also, by combining criteria into distinct categories (e.g., see table below: “Composite Performance & Student Growth”), NYSED has increased the number of possible ways a school or district can be identified.

Fallsburg CSD and JSHS have been identified for comprehensive support and improvement (CSI) based on the “all student” subgroup’s performance in:

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The district and JSHS will conduct needs analyses and develop new strategic plans for improvement--similar to the school comprehensive education plan (SCEP) and district comprehensive improvement plan (DCIP).  

View the NYSED ESSA complaint procedures here:   

For additional information on NYSED ESSA accountability, one may access and review the following:

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Fallsburg CSD ESSA School Accountability Determinations--2018–19