Closed School Learning Opportunities

When Fallsburg CSD is closed, the learning can continue.

Most Fallsburg student online learning opportunities can be accessed through ClassLink or Google Classroom: Every student has online access to these.

The resources below, plus many others, may be accessed via ClassLink. Please use our website and click on “Students” and “Classlink Login”:

Students should log in with their Google credentials.

BCES student usernames begin with their ID number. For example, if the ID number is 123456, then the username is

JSHS student usernames begin with their firstname.lastname. For example, if the first name is John, and the last name is Doe, then the username is

Below is a link to a short movie tutorial on how to use ClassLink:

Please contact Mrs. Tingley ( with any issues you may encounter with these products.

For exercise and recreation, students and families might also consider visiting a New York State park: All fees are waived during the coronavirus emergency.