All staff regardless of position are encouraged  to become familiar with the various systems you will be using as an employee. FRPS email should be checked daily for most staff and remember to keep your passwords secure.  No one should share their credentials with anyone for any reason. You are responsible for your accounts and their use.

All FRPS staff are assigned a network username & password that will log a staff member into network computers, staff email & Google Apps & Moodle.

You will receive your credentials via mail once you are officially hired (usually within 2-3 days after you receive your appointment letter). 

Fall River uses Gmail as its e-mail provider. All staff are required to use this e-mail account for all school-based communications.  All private e-mails are normally blocked and inaccessible to staff. Fall River adheres to the federal archiving requirements required of school districts

Your e-mail username and password are the same as your network login and can be accessed using the Google Apps link at the top of the district homepage, www.fallriverschools.org
Want FRPS E-mail on Your Phone or Tablet? 
Please click the Password Info link at the top of www.fallriverschools.org to
a. enroll your network credentials
b. obtain a mobile password for Gmail for your phones/tablets and set up Blog
c. lean how to reset your own password here
1. Review your welcome letter mailed to you with credential information
2.  Test out your network credentials by logging in to our FRPS Gmail (they are the same)
3. Visit the Password Info area to reset and complete A, B and C  
4. Login to Moodle with your new password and check out what we have. 
5. Visit the X2 Aspen page and login in with provided credentials (Remember Aspen is different than E-mail, Network & Moodle).  Change your password in Set Preferences.
6. On your Aspen homepage are the required policies you need to review and electronically sign off on.  
7. Click the My Info Tab of your Aspen View in Aspen to see your information.
8.   See how to use Aspen to submit a ticket for IT help. Video
9. Sign up and complete the mandatory i-SAFE course required off all teachers, administrators and school based staff.    Learn More   Completion Certificates must be turned in by September 21, 2015

ASPEN School Information System  Video |  PDF
Aspen by Follett Software is the information system used for all staff, student & school data including teacher grade book.  Everyone has a login (everyone) as it is  available for you to see your own information and as a communication tool. Staff can also log IT tickets using their Aspen account.

Aspen uses a unique user ID and password. It is not your network/email ID/password and
you will receive your credentials via mail once you are officially hired (usually with 2-3 days after you receive your appointment letter).
**Additional training including teacher Gradebook training will be offered both live and online and communicated separately.

Fall River uses Moodle as an intranet site for staff and students. It can be accessed with your network credentials. Additional training videos on all technology areas are posted there along with online learning info. Please log on and to take a 2 minute tour

Network Acceptable Use & Required Staff Policies 
All staff when hired must, read, follow and electronically sign off on 
    +Network/Internet Acceptable Use Policy  +Civil Rights
    +Social Media Policy     +Human Resource Info
Policies to e-sign are found on the homepage of Aspen when you login.
All of our policies are found here

Youtube Policy & Info
FRPS uses YouTube for Education. Only those videos found under YouTube for Schools can be accessed by staff. If a staff member would like a  new video added (that is not part of our channel already)  to the district playlist, it needs to be requested on an individual basis in advance. To do so:
  1. Visit www.fallriverschools.org
  2. On the left navigation bar, hover over Staff
  3. Choose Request YouTube Access
  4. In the page that opens, enter the URL of the YouTube video
  5. Click Submit
Allow at least one school day for video to be unblocked.