FC Middle School 7th & 8th Grade Projects Based Learning Site

Welcome to the Fall Creek 7th & 8th Grade Project Based Learning Website.  The purpose of this site is to house information and presentations related to projects completed by the 7th and 8th grade students at Fall Creek Middle School.  

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Fall 2017 Projects
To begin the year the 7th and 8th grade teams decided to plan and execute separate projects.  You can find those projects on the sidebar to the right.  The 8th grade project was a service learning project, while the 7th grade kicked off their year with a personal branding campaign, the purpose of which was to educate the students in the importance of leaving a positive digital footprint and getting them started in the right direction. All personal brand videos were kept private. If you'd like to see your child's video, contact his/her homeroom teacher.

Spring 2017 Project
In the Spring of 2017 we challenged the students to make strategic board games based on an historical event or a piece of literature.  We culminated the activity with a Game Day in which students invited parents, grandparents, siblings, and community members to come in and test their games and provide feedback.

Fall 2016 Project

Project Objective:  

Students will research and investigate a crisis that is affecting the world on a global scale. They will understand the issue, explain the implications, and identify solutions.  Students will evaluate solutions and provide assessment of those using sound reasoning and critical thinking.  You can find links to completed projects on the side bar under the appropriate grade level.

Project Resources