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Bart (class of '93) & Emily Allen

posted Mar 22, 2015, 9:05 PM by Faith Academy Alumni Coordinator

News from Amdu - Bart and Emily Allen

Bart Allen <>

Fri, Mar 13, 2015 at 6:17 AM


Greetings from the Allen’s in Amdu! 

It’s been a little while since you’ve heard from us so we’ll catch you up on what’s been happening.

 Leaving America – Returning to PNG

On January 18th we said our goodbyes in America and began our trip back to PNG.  We arrived on January 21 and then had a few days to get reacclimated to the time zone and weather before flying back to the Amdu tribe on January 29.  Since then we’ve been getting settled, catching up with our teammates and also getting back into a full-time schedule of language learning (and homeschooling).  It is good to be back and we are thankful for the Lord’s faithfulness in bringing us back here to serve Him. 

Back into Language

As a result of being gone from the tribe for almost 10 months, we forgot some things and regressed in our language ability.  Add to that the fact that our teammates continued to progress while we were gone and you get that we probably sound like 2 year olds to our Amdu friends!  (We have a 2 year old who talks quite a lot.  Sometimes we probably don’t even sound that good!)  But we have noticed a positive side to the gap in being immersed in Amdu language and culture.  We feel like we are hearing things we missed before and new things seem to be registering more quickly than before.  We still have a long ways to go, but we are encouraged and will continue to press on to learn this unwritten language.  Please pray that we will continue to make progress.

 It seems like everyone always likes to hear bloopers that language learners make so I’ll share a recent one.  The word for “cook” and “make a string bag” are only one letter different.  One day in an attempt to say that I (Emily) wanted to make a string bag, I instead said that I wanted to cook a string bag!  The ladies had a good laugh over that one!

 Regional Conference

Each year all of the New Tribes missionaries in our part of PNG gather together for a regional conference as well as standardized testing for our school age kids.  We were supposed to be there today, but the weather here in Amdu meant that our plans were changed.  Our pilot slipped through the heavy clouds yesterday and was supposed to fly right out again with our teammates, but the clouds and fog were too heavy for him to leave.  So he stayed overnight at the Allen Hotel and then left this morning to take our teammates out to town.  He then returned to get us.  Between the time he left town and when he got here (1 ½ hour flight), the clouds had closed in again and he couldn’t land.  We could hear him circling overhead, but couldn’t see him because of all the clouds.  Lord willing, the weather will be better tomorrow and we will be able to get out!  Please pray with us for blue skies in Amdu tomorrow 

The picture was taken this afternoon.  Looking down our airstrip you can normally see mountains and ridges all around.  Not today!!

Check out our blog

Even though we don’t have internet in the tribe, we can still update our blog via email.  We’ve posted a couple things since being back in Amdu so check them out if you are interested.   You can also click on the subscribe tab on our blog and fill out your name and email address if you would like to receive an email notification when we update our blog.

Thank you

Many of you who receive our updates are closely connected with this ministry in the Amdu tribe through your prayers, financial gifts and encouragement to us as we live in this remote place.  Please know that we value your part on our team and we thank the Lord for you.  We also love to hear back from you.  Getting emails is never a bother.  Quite the contrary – it is encouraging to hear news from home and be reminded that people are praying for us. 

Your missionaries to the Amdu people,

Bart and Emily (Luke, Titus, Caleb and Micah too)

Philip Kim (class of '95)

posted Mar 22, 2015, 8:21 PM by Faith Academy Alumni Coordinator

2015년 2월


2015년이 되었는데 아직도 새해가 된 것이 실감이 나지 않습니다. 추운 겨울에 새해를 맞는 것이 익숙해진 탓인지 여름 날씨에 ‘해피 뉴이어’라는 인사를 받는 것이 아직 어색하기 때문인 것 같습니다. 한국에서 출산한 둘째 나단이와 온 가족이 1월 3일에 L국으로 다시 돌아왔습니다. 저희는 이 곳에서 잘 지내고 있습니다.

It is already 2015 but it’s still hard to fathom that it is the New Year already.  In Korea, it would still be snowing in Korea, and that is probably the reason it feels weird to say “Happy New Year” because of the summer feel here.  Evelyn, Sarang, and Nathan have come back to “L” and have joined back with Philip as one family again on January 3rd.  We are faring well here.

<2월 6일 나단이가 L국에서 건강하게 백일을 맞이했습니다~>

12,1,2월은 L국도 나름 겨울입니다. 아침, 저녁으로는 제법 찬 바람이 붑니다. 물론 낮에는 그래도 덥습니다. 요즈음은 환절기 감기가 유행인지 주위의 많은 사람들이 목감기에 걸려있습니다. 아침에는 23-25도 인데 낮 기온은 35-37도입니다. 저희 가족들도 모두 감기에 걸려서 고생을 하고 있습니다. 아직 어린 사랑이와 나단이는 기침때문에 잠을 잘 자지 못합니다. 나단이는 호흡기가 약한 편인지 한국에서도 모세기관지염으로 고생했었는데 이곳에서도 감기 때문에 숨쉬기를 어려워합니다. 병원에서 호흡기치료기를 빌려주어 현재 집에서 호흡기치료를 하고 있습니다.

I suppose January, February, and March are considered winter time here in “L”.  The morning time as well as nighttime is pretty cold.  But it is warm during the daytime.  Since there is a severe change of temperature during the morning until nighttime, there are a lot of people getting severe colds or flu around here.  It is about 23-25 degrees celcius in the morning, but the temperature goes up to around 35-37 degrees celcius during the day.  Our whole family has caught the cold and are having a bad time of it.  Our two young ones, Sarang and Nathan, are having a hard time sleeping because of it.  In Korea, Nathan had to use a nebulizer because of child bronchiolitis.  He wasn’t able to breathe too well there and has a hard time now too.  Thankfully we have borrowed a nebulizer from a hospital here, and Nathan is getting good use out of it.  


지금 계절이 모기가 제일 많은 계절이라 사랑이는 온 몸이 모기에 물렸습니다. 사랑이는 피부가 유난히 예민하고 약한 편이라 모기에 물리면 빨갛게 부어오르고 긁으면 쉽게 상처가 납니다. 얼굴, 목, 팔, 다리 할 것 없이 모기물린 상처, 긁은 상처가 가득합니다. 엉덩이는 벌레물린 곳을 피가 나도록 계속 긁어 감염이 되어 피부가 살짝 벗겨진 채로 두 달 가까이 있습니다. 약을 먹고 바르고 해도 다시 물리고 긁고를 반복하니 소용이 없습니다. 작은 상처인데 어린아이가 2달 가까이 저렇게 있으니 걱정이 됩니다. 이곳의 기후와 상황들에 몸이 잘 적응되어 아이들이 건강하게 자랄 수 있도록 계속해서 ㄱㄷ부탁드립니다.

This is the season where mosquitoes are the most rampant here.  Our daughter, Sarang, has gotten bitten so much here.  Her skin is sensitive, and it gets swollen when she does get bit by mosquitoes.  She scratches at it a lot and it doesn’t heal quick enough which makes it miserable for her.  She has gotten bitten in the face, neck, arm, and leg.  There are also scars left behind from the mosquito bites as well as from scratching the bitten areas.  There is an area that my daughter has scratched a lot and had some skin come off because of that.  She has taken medicine as well as put on cream on that area.  But it’s not healing properly because she keeps getting bitten and scratches a lot.  Please keep her in your thoughts as well as my son, Nathan, for their health in this country.  

 <샤론 국제학교 Family Fun Day>


김필립 선생이 근무하는 학교는 2주간의 크리스마스 방학을 마치고 현재 2학기가 진행되고 있습니다. 현재 근무하는 샤론국제학교에서 2년간 근무를 하였는데 저희가 소속된 한국의 ㅅㄱ회에서 다음 번에는 다른 곳에서 비자를 받으라고 지시가 내려와 이번 6월에 학기가 마치면 새로운 학교로 옮기려고 알아보고 있는 중입니다. 현재 3군데 정도의 국제학교에 이력서를 내고 기다리고 있는 중입니다. 현재로서는 저희의 앞으로의 사역도 교육 ㅅㄱ 를 계획하고 있기에 이 나라의 교육적 상황들과 문화에 대해 새로이, 더 많이 배워나갈 수 있는 근무지를 찾을 수 있었으면 하고 ㄱㄷ 하고 있습니다. 학교들마다 교사 구인시기가 다른데 저희 같은 경우 5월에 현재 가진 비자가 만료되기에 가장 좋은 때에 가장 선하게 인도하실 그 분께 더욱 의지할 수 밖에 없습니다. 비자문제의 해결을 위해 함께 손모아 ㄱㄷ 해주시길 부탁드립니다.

The school that Philip is at has finished its 2 weeks of Christmas break and has started the 2nd semester.  He is currently teaching in his 2nd year at Sharon International School but has been given an order by the “m” organization to move on to another school to get our visa.  So with our visa expiring at the end of May, we will be needing and are trying to find another place.  Currently, a cv has been sent to 3 different international schools and am waiting for a reply.  We are also lifting our situation up because He knows what we need and the “m” for education that we have been keeping in our thoughts.  We would like to get to know about the education system as well as the culture more in our next adventure.  Please join us as we lift up our visa expiring in May situation to Him.  We trust that He will provide what is needed for His will to be worked through us.


여러 차례 말씀드렸듯이 L국은 복.음.전파가 법적으로 금지되어있습니다. 그분의 좋은 소식을 나눌 수 없다는 것이 어찌보면 가장 답답한 상황입니다. 현재 학교에 같이 근무하는 교사 중 B라고 하는 영국인이 있습니다. 약혼자를 따라 2년 전 L국으로 와 이 곳에서 살고 있습니다. B는 종교가 없으며 현지인인 부인은 불교입니다. 김필립 선생이 두 세번에 걸쳐 B에게 복.음.을 전하려고 시도하였는데(B는 L국국민이 아니기에 불법은 아니지만 조심스럽게 해야 하는 것은 마찬가지입니다) 아직 복.음.을 받아들이지는 않았지만 열려있는 상태이며 거부감 또한 가지지 않고 이야기를 나눕니다. 저희는 그 가정을 위해 ㄱㄷ하고 있습니다. B는 이번 6월에 학기가 마치면 가족들을 데리고 영국으로 돌아갔다 1년 후 다시 L국으로 돌아올 계획을 가지고 있습니다. 영국에 가기 전에 그분을 영접할 수 있기를 기대하고 있습니다. 외국인이 B가 그분을 받아들이고 그래서 그 부인과 가정에 그분의 좋은 소식이 전해지길 ㄱㄷ합니다.

As you well know, it is not permitted to share His love through the verbal language here.  It could probably be seen as one of the most frustrating situation here for us.  But there is a teacher at the school named “B” who is from Great Britain.  He followed his fiancé here about 2 years ago.  “B” is an atheist and his fiancé is a traditional Buddhist.  Philip has shared with “B” about the “g” 2 or 3 times (It isn’t against the law to share with a foreigner but should still be careful).  He isn’t closed up and is on the path to careful consideration of his life path.  Our family keeps him in our thoughts.  “B” will be finishing up in June and will return back to his home country.  Please keep him in your thoughts as well.  We hope that he will meet Him soon and become adopted into His family as well.   

ㄱㄷ와 물질로 동역해주심에 늘 감사드립니다.

Thank you for partnering with us through lifting us up and through finances.

매일매일 승리하는 삶을 사시길 ㄱㄷ합니다.

We hope that you live a victorious life each and every day.


2015.2.28 김필립, 이은영, 김사랑, 김나단 드림

Philip Kim, Evelyn Lee, Sarang Victoria Kim, Nathan Kim

February 28, 2015 

Malcolm ('93) & Kerstin Gray

posted Feb 5, 2015, 3:04 PM by Faith Academy Alumni Coordinator

Field Leaders (Tak)

Malcolm  & Kerstin Gray

A lot has happened since you last heard from us. You will remember that in Tak town, a fine team was forming. We had been excited about welcoming new workers, the Randall family, and getting started on an orientation programme with them. We were also preparing to welcome the Her family at the beginning of January. Rena was teaching our daughter, Amy, and the three Randall children, and preparing to accept a new student from the Her family when they arrive. We were excited to see things falling into place and all the planning come together. The whole team was adjusting to the new routine and starting to look forward to celebrating Christmas together.

And then... On the king's birthday, 5 December, Malcolm received a phone call just before 9:00 in the morning. It was a market vendor from the Tak market. The message, "Your friend has fallen. She has broken her arm. We are taking her to hospital." We jumped in the car and raced to the hospital to find Rena in the Emergency Room with two broken arms.

That incident has affected many of us.  After surgery and two weeks of hospitalisation, Rena was flown back to the UK.  The Randall family, having just arrived in Tak a month earlier and were beginning to settle into their new routine, suddenly had no options for educating their three children. On top of all the challenges of entering a new culture and starting with full-time Thai language study, this additional stress has been heavy.

The Her family, due to arrive on 5 January, suddenly had no option for educating their second daughter, and their eldest had no place to live in Chiangmai while she attended Grace International School.

As for our family, we spent the weeks before Christmas looking after Rena, and the two weeks after Christmas hurriedly preparing to send Amy to Chiangmai to live at the WEC Hostel and attend Grace International School.

For all of us, the transition has been as big as it has been sudden. We didn't have a contingency plan that covered one member having to leave, and we are all still finding our feet again in new circumstances and routines.  We would all value your continued prayers.

Amy with the hostel parents’ daughter, GIS, Chiangmai

Since 5 December, there are two events that took place that we would like to mention for which we praise the Lord. On 6 January, we celebrated the life of Wilf Overgaard, the pioneer WECer who arrived with his family and two single WECers in Thailand in 1947. He faithfully led WEC Thailand from that time until 1975 - 28 years of field leadership.Those early days were full of challenge upon challenge, yet Wilf's leadership was resolute. A wonderful role model for those of us who followed. The 6 January event was hosted by the local BFC Thai church, and the gratitude and honour demonstrated for the selfless life of Wilf, and the early pioneers, was very touching.

Then at the end of January, WEC Thailand held our annual Prayer Retreat, initiated by Wilf many years ago. We met for 4 days of prayer, which was a special time. This year, we invited the leadership from the BFC Thai churches, the BFC Karen churches, and the VTCF churches in Bangkok. Altogether about 25 national leaders joined us for the finale of our Prayer Retreat, and we prayed together, blessing each other. It was special to pray for Asia, and specifically Indonesia together with our Thai and Karen brothers and sisters. We continue to pray that the Lord would mobilise the churches in Thailand for mission, and praying for the nations is the best way to start. Praise the Lord

New Workers Orientation (Tak)

L & R Flintoff, M & K Gray 

Please pray for the Randall family as they continue learning the Thai language and adjust to Thai culture in the midst of these major changes to children's schooling. Beginning of March a family friend, Hannah, will come for two months and help teach the children. Pray for Hannah as she prepares to come. Nathan hasn't been very well. He is improving but still need a miracle of healing from God.

Praise God that Her family have arrived safely. Because of changes for their children's schooling, they have rented a house in Chiangmai for 6 months, in order provide accommodation for Rin. Soosung and Ihnyoung have just started Thai language study. Praise God they have been able to find a car. Pray for them in all the adjustments and for God's provision for all the things needed at this time.

Thank God for people in the 'pipe line'. Pray they will be able to prepare well and arrive soon and  safely in Thailand. Pray there will be even more new workers called by God for long-term service with WEC Thailand.  

WEC Hostel (Chiangmai)

A & T Charman

- that new students would settle in really well.
- for a great last quarter for our six seniors who are graduating this year.
- that relationships between students and between us and the students would continue to be strong
- for our daughter Sian (one year old in February!), who seems unsettled at the moment and not sleeping well at night time.
- that we have some good quality time as a married couple.
- that there will be just the right hostel assistants for next school year.
- for wisdom and guidance as we're go through the applications for next year.

Grace International School (Chiangmai)

J & M van der Straaten, A & E May, C Steedman

This year is a time of change in our GIS community with several long-standing families moving back to their home countries following the graduation of their youngest child.  This means that we have even more openings than usual and these key positions need to be filled.  Please pray for staff for all areas of the school, both in Elementary and Secondary.  Please spread the word!  There is an extensive list of job openings on our GIS Website. See

In His amazing grace,

Malcolm and Kerstin

Trevor & Roberta ('92) Maxwell

posted Feb 4, 2015, 9:18 PM by Faith Academy Alumni Coordinator

February 2015
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Jungle Survival Skills

Urban or Tropical?  

This week Trevor, Monia, and Chloe are on Outdoor Education where the entire middle school spends four nights out of town at three locations:  a base camp, a beach, and a jungle.  Trevor is the featured spiritual speaker at the jungle location where students will cook rice in bamboo sections and, if they're brave, kill and eat a bat!  You know who will want to demonstrate that skill!  :)  

Refreshed and Re-sent!

Just before Christmas we traveled north with the Hagen family who trains and mobilizes national missionaries from rural churches.  A few days in the outdoors, away from our urban jungle, did us good!  
I really needed this vacation.  Right before we left for the mountains, I sent 
my Christmas newsletter using someone else's e-mail!  Can you believe it?  So if you replied to the last newsletter, I didn't get it! And even after begging forgiveness of the real owner, she didn't forward any of your messages to me.  Would you have?  ;)
Furthermore, my attempt to creatively grab your attention with the provocative subject line may have resulted in the message going to your spam account.  I hope this newsletter will meet with better success!  Please reply!  
The simplicity of the Hagen's rural, grass-roofed, bamboo-slat home was refreshing!  
Chloe takes an afternoon nap.  We all slept on a raised area of the floor and required sleeping bags when the mountain wind blew through the floor slats.  
Trevor gives a warm greeting to an armed man on the hiking trail.  The man's left earring (not in the picture) indicates he was once a head hunter!  Really!  The story of how the message of Jesus came to the tribesmen in this area is fascinating.  
This is our kind of vacation . . . OUTDOORS!  The cool air reminded us of Kenya . .  

The Hagen's ministry renews our purpose for why we're at Faith Academy. Educating the children of missionaries and Christian workers facilitates church growth in rural areas.  National Christians are trained and mobilized to reach other Filipino communities which revitalizes the local church in the process!  So cool!  

We wouldn't be here without your prayers and financial support!  THANK YOU!  

The Maxwells

P.S. Get your grill going this summer; we're coming over!  Details in the next newsletter!  


Bart (class of '93) and Emily Allen

posted Feb 1, 2015, 10:17 PM by Faith Academy Alumni Coordinator

Our last few weeks in the US, and specifically the last few days, were so busy that we forgot to even put an update on here asking people to pray for our trip!

Ready to leave Pittsburgh

Ready to leave Pittsburgh

So, we are now back in PNG, but we still need your prayers for our family during this time of transition.  Jet lag hasn’t been too bad coming this direction and we are adjusting to the heat and humidity of PNG instead of the cold, dry air of PA!  Several of our boys were sick when we left the US and while they are still sick, they do seem to be on the mend.

One major prayer request right now is for the rest of our luggage to make it here.  When we arrived in PNG, only 3 of our 9 bags were on the plane.  The rest were supposed to come the next day.  Yesterday three more of them finally got to us, but that still leaves three sitting in customs in the capital city.  We don’t know what the problem is but we need the bags so we can get them onto our supply flight into the tribe.  Please pray that our government reps will be able to help and that the bags will come on a flight either Sunday or Monday.

We have a few more days staying on our NTM center in town before we fly back to Amdu.  We’re excited to get back, but we are also properly sobered for the task ahead of us.  Please pray for us as we adjust again to life in the tribe and as we get back to full time study of the language and culture of the Amdu people.

Thank you for praying for us and following along with what God is doing in the Amdu tribe!

Samuel, Hung Soo Kim, '98

posted Feb 1, 2015, 6:18 PM by Faith Academy Alumni Coordinator

After 6-7 years of work and 2 years of army service, we have just moved to Cambridge, Boston for my further studies in public administration at Harvard Kennedy School of Goverment, and possibly legal studies at Georgetown. My wife and I have been married for six years, with two children-one boy and a girl, and another one expecting this November. I would love to get in touch with anyone living nearby or through facebook. My phone number is 857-264-8795 and email

Charity (Burgess) Curnutt – Class of 1997

posted Nov 18, 2013, 6:12 PM by Faith Academy Alumni Coordinator   [ updated Nov 18, 2013, 6:18 PM ]

Hi everybody. Charity here!!!  I had so much fun reading your updates that I thought I should add one of my own.  I've been married to my husband, Eric, for 15 years!  We live in Yakima, Washington (apple capital of the world!!).  Now I know where those red apples we used to eat in the dorm came from!   Our house stays busy with the 4 kids

(Noah, 11; Carissa, 9; Micah, 8; and Josiah, 6.5), 2 dogs, 2 cats, and we can't forget the 2 red eared slider turtles!  We do live in the "Nutt-house".  Eric continues to teach in our local school district at the Jr. High - teaching math and computer essentials.  I stay home with the kids and we are going on our 2nd year of home schooling all of them. I'm also very involved in our church, spreading my time around between leading worship, being our women's ministry director, and sitting on our church council. Ministry keeps me going though and I find it extremely fulfilling!  

Jonathan Heppner - Class of 1992

posted Feb 17, 2013, 4:20 PM by Faith Academy Alumni Coordinator

After being away from the Philippines since October 2001, we made our way back on January 1, 2011, after being in Canada for 9 years pastoring, going to culinary school, running businesses and planting communities of faith in the marketplace. What keeps us busy now? Jonathan is working at Church of God Makati (a congregation with about 1200 members that was started in 1998 with his dad & several other pastors when we lived here from 1996-2001) as the Assistant Senior Pastor while his wife Tracey works at Gentle Hands, a child-caring agency in cubao for at-risk children, as their media & public relations and is actively involved in the photo industry in Manila. Both of their kids, Caleb in 9th grade and Rosie in 6th grade, attend FA and love the community there. Want to keep up with our crazy life? We are on Facebook at

Lisa (Carlson '90) and Alan Miller '90

posted Oct 23, 2012, 9:53 PM by Faith Academy Alumni Coordinator

We are now living very near the coast and have seen God’s hand in delivering us from a difficult living situation. Lisa still facilitates all schooling for the children, Skye (9) and Chase Ray (5) while maintaining our beach home and a photography business ( Alan has been blessed with a strong financial analyst and programming guru, near downtown San Diego and enjoys his view from the 12th floor. We’ve been sorting through old pictures to put in scrapbooks and truly are grateful for the time spent at Faith (we could be traveling sales people J) In a couple weeks, we will host former dorm parents at Faith (Nancy and David Carlson) for a time of decorating and refurbishing our new (rental) home. We always peak at the websites and updates as the experience of Faith has kept us smiling and we
                                                                                                                                     anticipate good news from fellow Faith folks.

Krista (Wiese) Caldwell – Class of 1997

posted Oct 10, 2012, 9:22 PM by Faith Academy Alumni Coordinator   [ updated Oct 10, 2012, 9:26 PM ]

I've been married 13 years and have been working along side my husband, Danny as church planters in Austria for the last 8 years. We have 3 children with us and 2 in Heaven. God has blessed us more than we deserve and are enjoying the journey He has allowed us to travel!  We will be state-side for a year while we report to our supporting churches and while we get certified to be Biblical Counselors thru N.A.N.C.


                                                                                                                  Danny & Krista (Wiese '97), Nathan, Micah, & Grace Caldwell

   Wiese Siblings summer 2012: (L-R) Danny & Krista (Wiese '97) Caldwell & 3 kids. Matt ('00) & Sherina & Titus Wiese. Zach ('02) & Jill Wiese & kids Anna, Erynn, & Benton Wiese.  Matt & Sherina are living on Long Island, NY working along side our parents (their Pastor) as Youth ministers. Zach & Jill live and work in Missouri and are active in their church.

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