MS Greater Cleveland Solo and Ensemble

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Schedule is posted at Solo and Ensemble link. You can view and download schedule.

A Holiday Concert in Paradise with Toucans!

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Please click link below to view concert flyer!


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All envelopes need first and last name with payment for orders.  All checks made out to Fairview Music Association OR if no sales were made the sample coupon book needs to be returned in good condition.

WHEN: DUE Monday, September 22

Volunteers from the Music Association will be at the back of the auditorium for  collection of orders. Know that if your son/daughter forgets on Monday, you will be contacted by one of these wonderful volunteers.

QUESTIONS: Please contact me immediately if you have any questions!! Happy selling over the final weekend!

Congratulations to Solo and Ensemble Participants!

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Fairview High School Orchestra 2014 Contest Results

Congratulations to the following FHS Orchestra students for earning


Greater Cleveland Solo & Ensemble Contest

Sat. Jan. 25, 2014 at Strongsville High School



Abigail McDevitt – Violin Solo

Patricia Blazevic – Violin Solo

Sarah Guerry – Violin Solo

Brighid Rancour – Violin Solo

Auriane Correa – Viola Solo

Alexis Brown – Viola Solo

Dane Hixon – Cello Solo

Emily Brown – Cello Solo

Gwyneth Howard – Cello Solo

JP George – Bass Solo


Auriane Correa – Piano Solo

Sarah Guerry – Piano Solo

Sarah Slagle – Violin Solo

Rebecca Jessen – Cello Solo


10th Period Large Ensemble - Abigail McDevitt, Sarah Guerry, Karina Baffa, Brighid Rancour,

Tristan Irvin, Miranda Whitney, Patricia Blazevic, Vanessa Del Rosario, Katie Bolander,

Hannah Palmer Tesema, Tricia Aernie, Louis Ng, Shannon Kilbane, Alexis Brown, Auriane Correa,

Dane Hixon, Emily Brown, Rebecca Jessen, Gwyneth Howard, and JP George


9th Period Large Ensemble – Sarah Slagle, Ilene Rancour, Brendan Kilbane, Dan Fitzgerald,

Alondra Aguirre, Christi Skelly, Ashley Gedeon, Nicole Gladish, Arina Breazu, Grant Hom, Sally Gabra, 

Mary Williams, Maureen Wolanski, Jessica Perkins, Rambo Younan, Tyler Scheckle, Matthew Hom,

Evan Billington, Lauren FitzGerald, Elizabeth DeCaro, Alleana Moss, Hannah Stonerock,

Rebecca Jessen, and JP George


String Quintet – Abigail McDevitt, Miranda Whitney, Louis Ng, Emily Brown, and JP George

String Quartet – Tristan Irvin, Dan Fitzgerald, Louis Ng, Rebecca Jessen, and Emily Brown

Violin Trio – Brighid Rancour, Vanessa Del Rosario, Hannah Palmer Tesema

String Trio – Katie Bolander, Kailyn Preston, Hannah Stonerock

String Trio – Brendan Kilbane, Dane Hixon, and JP George

String Trio – Tristan Irvin, Alexis Brown, and Emily Brown

Violin Duet – Karina Baffa and Brighid Rancour,

Violin Duet – Brendan Kilbane and Tristan Irvin

Violin Duet – Abigail McDevitt and Miranda Whitney



Violin Duet – Ilene Rancour and Mary Williams

Cello Duet – Hannah Stonerock and Gwyneth Howard

Cello & Trombone Duet – Dane Hixon and Dominic O’Malley


Instruments Needed for Class

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Instruments are now needed for rehearsal during class time for grades 6 through 12. 
If you have not rented an instrument yet, please click the link 'Area Music Stores' to find a reputable dealer. 
If you have any questions about the rental or a purchase of an instrument, 
please contact me at (440) 356-3500 x4125 or e-mail me at

Parent Night at Gilles-Sweet!

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All 5th Grade students interested in joining the orchestra program needs to have a parent attend the 
Parent Information Meeting 
Tuesday, September 3, 2013 at 7 p.m. 
Gilles-Sweet Cafetorium 
If you are unable to attend the meeting, please contact me at 
(440) 356-3500 x4125 or e-mail me at
to get your child enrolled.

Meet the New Director!

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Looking forward to meeting all my new students and making some great music! 
I have made some updates to this website and you are encouraged to explore.
Feel free to read about me and I cannot wait to learn about each and every orchestra student.
Check on your instrument to make sure it is in working condition before school starts so you are ready to show off for me :)
I hope everyone had a great summer and is excited for a new year in Orchestra!
~Mrs. Needham

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