(More Than) 50 Apps in Less Than 50 Minutes


1.  Dragon Dictation (Dictation)

2.  Quickvoice (Dictation and Voice Recording)

3.  Google (Use Voice and Pictures to search the Web and Access Google Apps for Education)

4.  Mocha VNC Lite (Connect to, view, and control a Windows PC or Mac)

5.  OnLive Desktop (Microsoft Office on the iPad)


6.  Pages, Keynote, and Numbers (Productive suite from Apple)

7.  Voice Memos (Record your voice and email your recordings)

8.  SoundNote (Take notes that match up with a voice recording or lecture)

9.  Sundry Notes and Notability (Take notes, draw, add photos, record your voice, and more)

10.  Songify (Turns your recorded voice into a song… a great tool for studying)


11.  Skype and FaceTime (Video Conferencing)

12.  Edmodo/Schoology (Social Learning Networks)

13.  FeedlerRSS (Read and manage RSS feeds)

14.  AppAdvice (Top lists for Apps)

15.  Flipboard (Read and manage social networking accounts in a magazine format)

Special Education/ESL

16.  WritePad (Write with your finger or stylus and it turns the words into typed text)

17.  Google Translate (Converts your recorded voice to another language of your choice)

18.  Speak it! (Voice Generator)

19.  TapToTalk (Augmentative and Alternative Communication Device  (AAC) App)

20.  Verbally (Word Prediction Engine)

Digital Storytelling

21.  Play Time Theater, Sock Puppets, and Puppet Pals HD (Create, record, and play back puppet shows)

22.  Sparklefish (High-tech Mad Libs)

23.  StoryKit and Storyrobe (Add pictures, voice, and publish to the web)

24.  Strip Designer and Toontastic (Create comic strips and cartoons)

25.  StoryBuddy, StoryPatch, and Demibooks (Create digital books from scratch)

Podcasting and Video

26.  Photo Booth, iMovie, and Garageband (Take photos and create videos and podcasts)

27.  Animoto and Videolicious (Easy to create slideshows/videos)

28.  AudioBoo and VoiceThread (Instantly record and publish a podcast)

29.  ReelDirector and Avid Studio (Create Videos)

30.  ShowMe Interactive Whiteboard, Educreations, and ScreenChomp (Record and publish voice-over whiteboard tutorials)

Language Arts

31.  iBooks (Read books, textbooks, and PDF’s, Create books using iBooks Author)

32.  SentenceBuilder/StoryBuilder (Learn how to build sentences and stories)

33.  ABC Pocketphonics, Super Why!, Alphabet Fun, iWriteWords, and Starfall ABC’s (Learn beginning sounds and words)

34.  Poetry Magnets and Magnetic Alphabet (Virtual magnets for creating words and poetry)

35.  Idea Sketch, Simplemind+, iBrainstorm, and Popplet Lite (Brainstorming Apps)


36.  Khan Academy (High School Level Math Courses and Videos)

37.  Candy Factory, Pearl Diver, Number Line, and Slice it! (Learn about parts of a whole)

38.  eSolver Pro and Wolfram Alpha (Solve quadratic equations and other mathematical formulas and functions)

39.  Quick Graph (Graphing Calculator) and Tangram (Virtual Tangram Puzzles)

40.  Splash Math Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 3, and Grade 4 (Interactive Math curriculum for grades 1-4)


41.  Star Walk and GoSkyWatch Planetarium (Turn your iPad to the sky and gaze at the stars)

42.  Frog Dissection (Step by step frog dissection)

43.  Prism Lab (Simulated lasers through prisms)

44.  iSeismometer (Turns the iPad into a Siesmometer)

45.  Contraptions, TinkerBox, Ball Fall Down Deluxe, and World of Goo (Problem Solving)

Social Studies

46.  Constitution (Digital copy of the Constitution) and Today’s Document (365 documents from the National Archives)

47.  Virtual History ROMA (Discover Ancient Rome)

48.  History: Maps of World (Collection of historical maps)

49.  Google Maps and Earth (Maps, street views, and satellite images)

50.  Ansel’s Africa (Explore Africa with Ansel and Clair)

Matt Dunlap

Technology Instructor/Coordinator

Fairview Park City Schools