This site is to help share about the exciting camp activities and information to all our students, parents and staff.


The purpose of this camp is to extend student’s learning beyond the classroom, with special emphasis on developing the resilience, 

collaborative and leadership skills of our students. Our goal is to provide an enjoyable, exciting experience that motivates our students

to approach life with courage and confidence.


Each year this Camp aims to welcome around 2000 boys and girls, from grade 4 - 11 from all over the Fairview International School's

 network of five campuses. 

Groups and Campuses

Students from all Fairview campuses is divided into three mixed-group platoons assigned to a Platoon Leader. Each platoon is further 

broken down into smaller groups, assigned to group teachers who form the platoons.The platoons & group size allows us to provide a 

personal, close-knit environment to develop the students' team and leadership skills and with a great deal of attention. 

Daily Schedule

The core aspects of the programme include classroom teaching, outdoor learning activities and the development of life skills through 

the delivery of the ATL models. Each programme offers an incremental progression of competency-appropriate experiences to students

 across the curricula, targeted to develop confidence in the student’s physical abilities and emotional resilience to withstand any kind 

of situations through determination, adaptability and teamwork. All activities will continue to build on the attributes of the IB learner 


Each day at camp is filled with exciting activities and programmes. The daily schedule allows the students time to explore individual 

interests and bond with other students. 

Wake-up, meals and lights-out times are adjusted depending upon the camper's age. Activities are designed to be age appropriate.

A typical day begins with wake-up and breakfast, followed by platoon activity and meeting to prepare for the day ahead. There is self 

organisation tasks like bed tidying, clean up, and then students attend the morning activity. After lunch, there are two additional 

activity periods, one of it being the outdoor activity. 

Every evening after dinner there is an ATL programme for all students. Following supper, lights out is scheduled. 

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