Mrs. Lemus Santos

11885 Navarre Rd. SW
Navarre, Ohio 44662

Room 108
conference period 

Intervention Specialist 
Falcon Playhouse, Director
Student Council, Advisor
Special Ed., Academy Chair


“Give a man a fish; you have fed him for today. 
 Teach a man to fish; and you have fed him for a lifetime”
—Author unknown

 This page was designed for my students to have resources at their fingertips when they are completing assignments, conducting research, or just have a general interest in academics and learning. This will also serve as a place for them to showcase some of their writing assignments and projects.
This is my pond to help teach and guide my students through the learning process. The links to various websites are merely the bait. They need to know how and when to use them to gain the        
   most from them. 

Have fun fishing!

Food For Thought...

It takes as much courage to have tried and failed as it does to have tried and succeeded...

-Anne Morrow Lindbergh