Mrs. Fritz and Mrs. Knop's 6th Grade Language Arts Webpage
Period 1  7:50-8:39 Language Arts 1
Period 2 8:41-9:23 Conference
Period 3 9:25-10:07 Language Arts 1
Period 410:09-10:51 Language Arts 2
Period 5A10:53-11:23 Lunch
Period 5BC11:25-12:25  Language Arts 2
Period 612:27-1:11 Language Arts 3
Period 71:13-1:55 Enrichment
Period 8   1:57-2:41 Language Arts 3


Mrs. Susan Fritz

Mrs. Melissa Evans-Knop

Dear Parents/Guardians and Students,
    Welcome to our fabulous world of words!  We are excited to have the opportunity to work with and further your child's educational experiences!  This year we will be reading, discussing, and analyzing a variety of genres.     We will be learning new vocabulary and working to improve our mastery of the English language.  We will spend every minute of every class period helping you become more literate.  We value literacy, as it is the single most important element to your success in life.  People who can read, write, and speak effectively (and intelligently) will do well in society.
    We are available during the day at our lunch and our conference period to provide any and all assistance as needed.  The school phone number is 330-767-4293 and our email is located on the side of this web page.  We look forward to "partnering" with you to contribute to your child's success, now and in the future.

Mrs. Susan Fritz
Mrs. Melissa Evans-Knop

Mrs. Fritz's Reading Class 2017-2018