Welcome to Third Grade!
April 2018
Each year the third grade class creates a business, which teaches our students about economics and raises money for Fairless Helping Fairless. This year our third graders are organizingpopcorn sale for all students here at school! For just $1 students can get a tasty snack, contribute to Fairless Helping Fairless, and also help our third graders learn about economics, responsibility, and the value of hard work. Each of our five 3rd grade homerooms will organize the sale on a different Friday (please see picture for dates). The popcorn purchased by your student(s) is for them to snack on here at school, and you may choose for your student(s) to have this treat on any or all of the Friday's listed. Popcorn money can be turned in any time between Monday and Thursday. As mentioned, ALL proceeds will go to Fairless Helping Fairless. Thank you for your contribution to this awesome cause!

Students are participating in state testing prep this week as we gear up for our first round of testing next week.

Test prep continued. Students will continue working with opinion and informative writing, structuring written responses, and determining the difference between the two.

Students will continue working with measurement, an extension of their previous work with fractions, multiplication and division and identifying factors.

Classroom Economics

What is Class Dojo?
  • A classroom management system that promotes a positive classroom environment
  •  Class Dojo is an app that can be downloaded directly to your smart phone or device 
  • An excellent, and confidential, line of communication between teacher and parent that provides feedback on student performance and behavior
  • A secure means of providing daily pictures of learning that is taking place in the classroom 
What Can You Expect?
  •     Students will earn points based on their participation and behavior within the school 
  •     For each point that students earn they will receive an incentive
  •     This program will foster responsibility as students work to save and organize their earnings while promoting a productive and fun learning environment

Homework and Parental Expectations

Parents, your involvement in your child’s education is crucial to their success. The third grade team encourages you, as often as possible, to read with your child, practice math skills/facts, and work with them to complete any homework assignments they may have. Our number one priority as teachers is the success of your son/daughter. We are available to answer any questions you may have in regard to how to help your child. 

Regarding homework, we would like to make some important notes:

  •       Weekly assignments will be included on this newsletter and sent home on the first day of each week
  •      From time to time there may be a family project that you will be expected to complete with your student