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Zoning Contacts

Please note that Fairfield Township may be only one step in a multiple step process. Interested parties and applicants are encouraged to thoroughly research permitting and licensing needs as may apply to their specific operation or project. This may include county, state, and/or federal government agencies and services not listed here. Applicant(s) are fully responsible to familiarize themselves will all agencies, contacts, and processes that may apply to their project or property.  

Attention: For any Commercial/Industrial and non-single family structure related projects applicant will want to refer to 406.01-406.07 of the Fairfield Township Zoning Resolution for guidance on meeting these requirements. 

In order to get started with the Zoning Process in Fairfield Township, some, if not all, of the following contacts may be helpful to you.

Fairfield Township Zoning 330-853-7132 | Email

Address Assignments, Auditor, and County Development and Planning

Columbiana County Engineer / Maps 330-424-1740

Columbiana County Auditor  330-424-9515 or Columbiana County Auditor

Columbiana County Development and Planning 330-424-9078

Prior To Building: 

Columbiana County Health Department 330-424-0272

Columbiana County Plumbing and Electrical Inspection 330-424-0272 x128

Call Before You Dig O.U.P.S.1-800-362-2764

Culverts, Driveways, Lighting, Roads*, Signs  (*Road Jurisdiction May Vary)

Fairfield Township Roads 330-482-2695

Columbiana County Engineer / Maps 330-424-1740

Ohio Department of Transportation (Lisbon) 330-424-7253

General / Other

          Call Before You Dig O.U.P.S. 1-800-362-2764

Columbiana County Auditor's Office 330-424-9515

Your Homeowner's or Business Insurance Agent