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706: Zoning Inspector
706.01 General
The position of Zoning Inspector is established to administer and enforce this Resolution as provided herein.  Before entering into the duties of his/her office, the Zoning Inspector shall give bond as required by the Ohio Revised Code.  The Zoning Inspector may be assisted by such other persons as the Board of Township Trustees may direct.
706.02     Responsibilities and Authorities
The responsibilities and authorities of the Zoning Inspector shall include those stated in this Resolution and: 
(a)     Make available to the public applications, forms, and other information relating to the provisions and procedures of this Resolution, including copies of the Resolution and Zoning District Map.
(b)     Clarify the meaning and application of the provisions of this Resolution.
(c)     Receive applications for and issue (or refuse to issue with cause) zoning certificates, conditional zoning certificates (subject to approval of the Board of Zoning Appeals), certificates of nonconformance, and such other permits and certificates as provided by this Resolution, and to keep a record of such certificates and actions taken relevant to them
(d)    Conduct inspections of buildings and land to determine compliance with this Resolution and, in the case of any violation, to initiate administrative or legal action as provided by this Resolution.
(e)     Maintain the Zoning District Map as provided by this Resolution.
(f)     Prepare and submit reports to the Board of Zoning Appeals, with copies to the Township Trustees, detailing all certificates and permits issued and requests disapproved and setting forth such other information as he/she may deem to be of interest and value in advancing and furthering the purpose of this Resolution.

(g)     Collect and submit to the Clerk of the Township on a monthly basis all fees required by this Resolution together with an accounting of the sources of the fees.

(h)     Attend the regular and special meetings of the Board of Zoning Appeals and Zoning Commission.
Additionally the Zoning Inspector shall review and approve (where applicable) any property transfers and/or recording of parcels as may be necessary per the Columbiana County Recorders Office.
Shall design, create, and maintain the official website of Fairfield Township.

For Personal Assistance, questions pertaining to the zoning of a particular parcel or property, or other related questions, the Zoning Inspector may be reached via our Contact or Zoning Page.