The Zoning Department regulates land use, prevents land-use conflict, allows growth to occur in a rational manner, and manages density. In pursuit of this goal:

The Fairfield Township Zoning Commission creates, amends, and oversees the Zoning Regulations as allowed by the State of Ohio and Zoning Map. This board considers changes to the existing regulations and zoning map.

The Fairfield Township Board of Zoning Appeals considers the merits of Application for Conditional Use or Application for Variance if an applicant seeks permission to deviate from stated regulations and/or make an application for a use that may require permission and oversight by the Board of Zoning Appeals.

The Fairfield Township Zoning Inspector reviews all zoning certificates, approves deeds when required, and processes applications and related legal notifications and mailings to be presented to the respective zoning boards. The Zoning Inspector further advises the Zoning Board of Appeals, Zoning Commission, and Township Board of Trustees on pending applications for variance and conditional use, principles and practices of zoning as pertain to the needs of Fairfield Township, and serves as a liaison with a variety of governmental and related entities as required to assist the zoning process. The Zoning Inspector further creates and maintains the Township web site.

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