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Site Plan

406:   Site Plans and Site Development Requirements


406.01         Purposes

The purposes of the requirement for site plans are:  to clearly document conformance with the provisions of this Resolution; to ensure proper design for efficient use of land; to protect adjoining properties from adverse impacts; and to promote high-quality development.  This section provides specific site plan standards and requirements for design and construction for uses other than single family and two family dwellings.


406.02         Site Plan Required

A site development plan is required and shall be submitted for any use other than a single family or two family dwelling and for development involving new construction, reconstruction, or expansion of a structure other than a single-family or two-family dwelling.  No construction activity shall commence for any such use or project unless and until a site plan has been submitted to the Zoning Inspector for review and approval, and a zoning certificate has been issued for the use or structure.


The site development plan provisions of this Section 406 do not apply to the review and approval of subdivisions for single-family or two-family dwellings which are regulated by the provisions and procedures established by the Ohio Revised Code.  The provisions of this Section do apply, however, to the review and approval of site plans for any use, other than single-family or two-family dwellings, proposed for a lot within a subdivision platted for single-family or two-family dwellings.


406.03         Preparation of Site Plan, Information Required

A site plan shall be prepared and certified by an architect, engineer, or land surveyor duly registered by the State of Ohio.  The plan shall be prepared at an appropriate scale, but not less than one inch equals one hundred feet (1”=100’).


A site plan shall include the following:
(a)     The name of the owner and developer; north arrow; date; scale; zoning classification of the subject lot;
(b)     The names of the owners, zoning classifications, and present uses of the adjoining parcels;
(c)     A boundary survey;
(d)    Existing topography and proposed finish grades, drawn at a maximum contour interval of two (2) feet;
(e)     Location and dimensions of all existing and proposed structures, off-street parking, fencing, screening, buffers, drives, walkways, and other physical features;
(g)     Facilities for management and disposal of storm water in accord with the provisions of this Resolution;
(h)     All existing and proposed sanitary sewer facilities or septic system disposal systems, indicating pipe sizes, types, grades, invert elevations, and location of manholes, primary and secondary septic leach fields;
(i)      All existing and proposed water facilities including sizes and locations of lines, hydrants, wells, pump houses, dry hydrants, and related facilities;
(j)      Provisions for storage and removal of solid waste, including required screening of any permitted exterior storage:
(k)     Proposed landscaping and plantings;
(l)      Proposed building elevations;
(m)    Location and dimensions of all curb cuts, culverts, and access drives;

(n)     Documentation from the Columbiana County Health Department confirming that sufficient water and sanitary sewer system capacity exists to accommodate the proposed water and sanitary sewer system capacity exists to accommodate the proposed development, or, if an on-site sewage disposal system is proposed, documentation confirming that appropriate soils and land area for such system exist on the site.


406.04         Submittal

In order to promote site plan design consistent with the provisions of this Resolution and with the plans of the Township, and to facilitate the orderly and timely review of the site plan, the site plan applicant is encouraged to request early and informal discussions with the Zoning Inspector and with the Board of Zoning Appeals prior to submitting a formal application.


The applicant for a site plan review shall submit ten (10) copies of a site plan to the Zoning Inspector with a completed application for a zoning certificate.


406.05         Review

The Zoning Inspector shall review a site plan for conformance with the provisions of this Resolution and submit each site plan and the results of his review to the Board of Zoning Appeals.


The Board of Zoning Appeals shall, within ninety-five (95) days of the date on which the complete plan and application for zoning certificate is submitted to the Zoning Inspector, take action to approve the application, approve with modifications or conditions, or deny with cause, except that the applicant may agree to a longer period of review.


The Board of Zoning Appeals may seek review of a site plan by an independent engineer or planner or seek such other expert advice or cause to have such other studies made as it deems necessary to determine the conformance of the site plan with the provisions of this Resolution.  The cost of such consultant review shall be paid by the applicant.  The Board shall direct the applicant to deposit with the Trustees an amount, not to exceed the maximum amount, to pay for such costs.  Upon completion of the studies, any remaining balance shall be returned to the applicant.  The cost of such studies shall be in addition to such other fees established by the Trustees for processing and review of site plans.


406.06         Design Standards
A site plan shall conform to the following standards:
(a)     All proposed water and sanitary disposal systems shall be designed and constructed in accordance with the standards and requirements of the County Health District, the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency, and of any appropriate utilities.
(b)     Development features, including but not limited to buildings, parking areas, and driveways shall be located and designed to minimize adverse impacts on adjacent properties.  Maximum possible visual and auditory privacy for surrounding properties shall be provided through good design and landscaping buffers.
(c)     Building location and placement shall be developed with consideration given to minimizing the removal of trees and changes of topography.  Where located adjacent to a residential district, required set back areas shall be maintained with natural vegetation and shall have supplemental plantings to provide visual protection and sound attenuation.
(d)    Parking and service areas shall be screened from view from adjoining residential properties by means of landscaping, ornamental walls, fences or similar features.
(e)     Parking areas containing more than twenty (20) spaces shall be afforded visual relief, reduction of heat gain, and dust control by the location and construction of landscaped dividers or islands.
(f)     Access drives, aisles, parking areas, and loading facilities shall be designed and related to public thoroughfares to provide for pedestrian and vehicular safety and for adequate access by emergency vehicles both in the right-of-way and on site.
(g)     Storm runoff provisions shall be designed based on a minimum ten (10) year frequency storm.  The storm drainage calculations shall be submitted with the site plan.  The proposed outlet for storm drainage shall be identified and an evaluation made of its capacity to accommodate the projected flows.  Where adequate capacity to handle projected flows does not exist in the existing system, or where there is no acceptable outlet, the applicant shall provide for either improvement of the receiving drainage facility or on-site detention of sufficient capacity and design to reduce post-development storm runoff to pre-development levels for all design storms of ten-year frequency or less.  The Board of Zoning Appeals may require that the site grading plans and storm water drainage facilities be reviewed by the County Engineer.

(h)     The architectural design of buildings shall be, to the greatest extent possible and appropriate, compatible and/or complimentary with buildings on adjacent properties in terms of building height, mass, texture, materials, line, pattern, and character.


406.07         Development in Conformance with Site Plan

The use, placement, and dimensions of all buildings, driveways, sidewalks, parking areas, truck loading and unloading areas, curb cuts, traffic control devices, activity areas, and the installation of landscaping, fences and walls, and other features of the site shall conform with the approved site plan.


A performance bond or other financial guarantee shall be placed on deposit with the Trustees to ensure that the landscaping, parking and drives, and surface water drainage facilities be installed in conformance with the approved plan.  Such bond or guarantee shall be in an amount equal to the cost of the construction of the improvements and shall be for a period not to exceed three (3) years and providing for the complete construction of the improvements and shall be held until complete construction of the development project.  If for any financial or other reason, the project is not completed, the bond will be forfeited to the township.  Proof of bond must be furnished to the township annually.