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701.02 Zoning Certificates Required

Unless excepted by this Resolution, no person shall, without obtaining a zoning certificate or conditional zoning certificate:

(a) Locate, erect, construct, reconstruct, alter, or move any building or structure, including an accessory building or accessory structure such as a sign or fence.

(b) Change the use of land or of a building to a different use.

(c) Change a nonconforming use to a different use or extend or expand a nonconforming use.

No zoning certificate or conditional zoning certificate shall be required for any building, structure, land or lot specifically exempted by this Resolution or by the Ohio Revised Code, however, compliance with all other provisions of this Resolution shall be required for such exemption as may be lawful. If provisions of the Ohio Revised Code exempt any person from obtaining a zoning certificate from the Township, such person shall, prior to commencing construction operations, register with the Zoning Inspector and provide such information as may be necessary to substantiate the validity and legality of such exemption and in the interest of maintaining a complete record.

702:   Zoning Certificate


702.01         Application for Zoning Certificate


A written application for a zoning certificate shall be submitted to the Zoning Inspector on forms provided by the Zoning Office and shall, at a minimum, contain the following:


(a)     The signature of the owner or applicant together with a statement: attesting to the truth and exactness of all information supplied on the application; ...


(b)     Name, address, and telephone number of the applicant; and, if applicable, of the owner’s designated agent;


(c)     Legal description of the property, either a metes and bounds description of the property prepared by a registered surveyor or the permanent parcel number as assigned by the County Auditor, or such other information as the Zoning Inspector or Board of Zoning Appeals shall require to confirm the location of the subject lot;

(d)    Existing use and proposed use;


(e)     Zoning district;


(f)     Plans drawn to scale showing the actual dimensions and the shape of the lot to be used or built upon; the exact size and location of existing buildings and uses on the lot, if any; the dimensions and locations of the proposed buildings or uses; existing and proposed building and structure heights;


(g)     A site plan if required by Article 400;


(h)     Proposed number of dwelling units and floor areas of all buildings;


(i)     If applicable, application for a sign permit, conditional zoning certificate, or emergency use certificate; or for other permits or reviews required prior to approval of a zoning certificate;


(j)      Such other documentation as may be necessary to determine conformance with, and to provide for the enforcement of this Resolution;

(k)     Fees as required by this Resolution.


No zoning certificate for a dwelling or other use for which sanitary disposal is required shall be issued unless there is furnished with the application an approval from the Columbiana County Health Department.


404.06 Minimum Floor Areas of Dwellings
 No building shall be erected, reconstructed, or converted for use as a dwelling unless the following  
 floor area is provided:


                     (a) Single-family detached, single-family attached, and two-family dwelling:

                                     *     With basement:            1100 square feet

                                     *      Without basement:      1200 square feet
Fairfield Township,
Nov 4, 2009, 7:02 AM