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The following links will provide an overview of the procedures and requirements for applications related to zoning.

Before you begin any construction project, such as building a new home, garage, barn, shed or swimming pool, or an addition to an existing structure, your first step should be to contact the Zoning Department to obtain the required permit applications and discuss any restrictions that may apply. 

In addition to a permit application, a site plan of your project is requested to illustrate the new construction size and location to property lines and existing structures on your property. As you plan your project, you must be in compliance with minimum setbacks, size requirements, and general requirements and specific restrictions for structures and uses in your zoned district. When constructing a residence, you will need to have your septic permit approved and on file with the Columbiana County Health Department as well. These documents will be reviewed prior to issuance of a permit. Permits must be issued before work begins. They will also have information about any required electrical and/or plumbing inspection that may apply. 

If you are hiring a contractor to do work on your property, the Zoning Department recommends that you discuss who will be responsible for obtaining permits with your contractor. Remember that ultimately the property owner is responsible for compliance of his or her property with all zoning requirements.

Attention: For any Commercial/Industrial and non-single family structure related projects applicant will want to refer to 406.01-406.07 of the Fairfield Township Zoning Resolution for guidance on meeting these requirements. 

Please Contact the Zoning Officer at (330) 853-7132 for further assistance.