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Agricultural Exemption?

The State of Ohio, and Fairfield Township, are protective of, and serve to promote, the interest of agriculture. Whether or not land is zoned AR-1, the property may still be used agriculturally in many instances. 

You may have heard you are "Exempt from Zoning?" Contrary to popular belief, however, a project and/or property are not "automatically exempt" simply by the presence of an agricultural activity. Even on exempt properties putting an addition on to your personal residence, installing a swimming pool, or similar is NOT considered agriculturally exempt as the improvement is seen as having little bearing or benefit on your agricultural activity. A zoning certificate may be required. 

"When in doubt, check it out." CAUV stands for Current Agricultural Use Value and there are currently reported to be more than 11,000 parcels of county land presently qualified for CAUV.  Please note that CAUV is NOT determined or administered at the Township Level. For further information on confirming or qualifying for CAUV, contact the Office of the Columbiana County Auditor at 330-424-9515.

If you believe you are agriculturally exempt, or are unsure please contact the Zoning Office at (330) 853-7132 for confirmation.

Please note: If provisions of the Ohio Revised Code exempt any person from obtaining a zoning certificate from the Township, such person shall, prior to commencing construction operations, register with the Zoning Inspector, and provide such information as may be necessary to substantiate the validity and legality of such exemptions and in the interest of maintaining a complete record