Township Wide Zoning was first voted into regulation by Fairfield Township Voters in 1993. It was reaffirmed by popular vote in 1997 and remains a strong foundation for a healthy balance of rural and residential lifestyles. 

What is zoning? Zoning regulates land use, prevents land-use conflict, allows growth to occur in a rational manner, and manages density. Zoning laws typically specify the areas in which residential, industrial, recreational or commercial building and activities can be conducted and the layout, setbacks, and improvement to a property. This allows a focus on the careful stewardship and coexistence of industrial, commercial, and residential zones to foster progress and property value. Fairfield Township has historically enjoyed among the highest property values in Columbiana County. 

What Zoning is NOT? Zoning should NOT be confused with Homeowner Association Rules (increasingly common in planned communities and subdivisions) or Property Maintenance Codes that focus solely on aesthetics and appearance. In this vein, Township Zoning is NOT the primary vehicle to address immediate "quality of life" issues such as a loud party next door, barking dogs, dissatisfaction or disregard for posted speed limits, property line disputes, and so forth. Cases involving private property disputes and civil matters between individuals are advised to proceed through private litigation. 

The Fairfield Township Zoning Commission creates, amends, and oversees the Zoning Regulations as allowed by the State of Ohio and Zoning Map. This board considers changes to the existing regulations and zoning map. Adult residents of Fairfield Township interested in volunteering on this board are encouraged to contact the Zoning Inspector for details at (330) 853-7132. 

The Fairfield Township Board of Zoning Appeals considers the merits of Application for Conditional Use or Application for Variance if an applicant seeks permission to deviate from stated regulations and/or make an application for a use that may require permission and oversight by the Board of Zoning Appeals. Adult residents of Fairfield Township interested in volunteering on this board are encouraged to contact the Zoning Inspector for details at (330) 853-7132. 

The Fairfield Township Zoning Inspector reviews all zoning certificates, approves deeds when required, and processes applications and related legal notifications and mailings to be presented to the respective zoning boards. The Zoning Inspector further advises the Zoning Board of Appeals, Zoning Commission, and Township Board of Trustees on pending applications for variance and conditional use, principles and practices of zoning as pertain to the needs of Fairfield Township, and serves as a liaison with a variety of governmental and related entities as required to assist the zoning process. The Zoning Inspector further creates and maintains the Township web site. 

You will need to contact the Zoning Officer for information regarding specific parcels and projects including but not limited to:

  • Mapping of a specific zoned district
  • Zoning of a particular parcel or parcels
  • Application procedures and fees
  • New and Replacement Construction
  • Swimming Pools
  • Signs
  • Barns, Sheds, and Accessory Structures over 100 s.f. in size
  • Home based business
  • Commercial and Industrial Activities (in cooperation with other entities)
  • Subdivisions (in cooperation with other entities)
  • Special Circumstances
  • Emergency Circumstance
  • And other zoning related issues as applicable

We have provided a number of Zoning Pages to assist residents and property owners. Please note that Fairfield Township Zoning and related services may be only one step in a multiple step process. Interested parties and applicants are encouraged to thoroughly research permitting and licensing needs as may apply to their specific operation or project. This may include county, state, and/or federal government agencies and services. Please see our Zoning Contacts page for details. 

FAQs Frequently Asked Questions

"Do I have to have 4 acres to build in Fairfield Township?"

Not necessarily. There are a variety of zoned districts including 1.8 acre parcels, 4 acre parcels, commercial and industrial parcels. These are in addition to the numerous 1 acre or smaller parcels that were created via Farm Family Exemption status, Applications for Variance, or the many parcels that predate 1993. If you have questions about your particular parcel or district, don't hesitate to call (330) 853-7132. 

"What do I need to do if I want to build or develop my property?" 

If you do wish to build or develop property, please be advised that a variety of entities beyond the Township may have jurisdiction including but not limited to:
"Can I keep animals at my property even if it isn't "zoned agricultural?" 

Agricultural uses are prohibited on lots with less than one (1) acre of lot area. Nothing in the zoning text shall prohibit growing produce for domestic use or sale, so long as it does not constitute a nuisance. Additionally, any residents, under the age of eighteen (18) may house and raise up to two small animals under the weight of 150 lbs., if they are housed indoor or otherwise kept in an fenced area that does not create a nuisance. A nuisance may include regular trespass, excessive noise or odor.