Zoning is often mistaken with "Homeowner's Association Rules" or "Property Maintenance Codes." Zoning is about the overall use of buildings, property and related within a "zoned district." It does not assure or provide a guarantee that properties are aesthetically pleasing and attractive. 

If you believe a project or property in the Township presents a true hazard to the health and safety of others, you do have remedy to address this. 

Excerpt from

The Columbiana County Health Department is anxious to assist in the prevention and eradication
of nuisances that may be harmful to the public health. However, nuisances must be
determined to be a public hazard before abatement proceedings will be initiated.
involving civil matters between individuals and not directly affecting the public health are
advised to proceed through private litigation.

If you require the assistance of the Columbiana County Health Department, you may access their Nuisance Complaint Page  

Excerpt from Fairfield Township Zoning Resolution, 1997

711.05 Abatement of Dangerous Property Conditions and Nuisances

In conformance with the authorities and procedures provided in the Ohio Revised Code,
the Board of Township Trustees may provide for the removal, repair, or securance of
buildings or other structures in the Township that have been declared insecure, unsafe, or
structurally defective by a fire department under contract with the Township or by the
county building department or other authority responsible under the Ohio Revised Code
for the enforcement of building regulations or the performance of building inspections in
the Township, or buildings or other structures that have been declared unfit for human
habitation by the board of Health of the general health district of which the Township is a part.

Further, the Board of Township Trustees may provide for the abatement, control, or
removal, of vegetation, garbage, refuse, and other debris from land in the Township if the
Board determines that the owner’s maintenance of such vegetation, garbage, refuse, and
other debris constitutes a menace.

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