You may receive a message stating that your device has been blocked from connecting to any or all of the wireless networks at FCSD. This is common when a device has been reported as connecting to networks that it should not be connecting to. The most common example is when a Student's personal device has been told to remember "Fairfield Wireless" or "FCSD_Aux" when these networks are not for use with personal devices. Only "FCSD_Public" is available to personal devices.

To resolve this problem and to ultimately be allowed back onto FCSD_Public, a Student needs to perform these steps.
1. Determine the MAC Address (sometimes known as Hardware Address or Wi-Fi Address) of their personal device.
2. Configure their device to Forget the wireless networks "Fairfield Wireless" and/or "FCSD_Aux". Only "FCSD_Public" can remain.
3. Submit a request to unblock by recording their MAC Address.
4. Wait until "FCSD_Public" becomes available again.*

*There is no promise to how long this might take. It is at the desecration of the Technology Department to respond to any request and if it is determined that a device is consistently connecting to the wrong networks, that device may be permanently blocked. The usage of "FCSD_Public" is a privilege, not a right or guarantee.

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How to find the MAC Address of your iPhone, iPad, or iPod.
1. Basically find where you go to change settings.
2. Under General, click on About
3. Your MAC address is represented as "Wi-Fi Address"

How to find the MAC Address of your Apple Computer.
1. Click the Apple and go to System Preferences.
2. Click on Network.
3. With Wi-Fi highlighted on the left pane, click on the Advanced button on the bottom right pane.
4. Your Wi-Fi Address is displayed near the bottom.

How to find the MAC Address of your Android device.
1. On the Home screen, tap the Menu button and go to Settings.
2. Tap About Phone.
3. Tap Status (sometimes Hardware Information)
4. Scroll down to see your WiFi MAC address.
     helpful link for Samsung users

How to find the MAC Address of a Windows Phone.
1. From the Windows Phone home screen, swipe left to reveal more icons.
2. Scroll down and tap Settings.
3. Scroll down and tap About.
4. In the About screen, tap more info.
5. The MAC address will display toward the bottom of the screen.

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