NameFairfield Wireless   +FCSD_Public  †
Usage onDistrict-Owned EquipmentPersonal Devices
Access toDistrict Servers, Printers, and the InternetDirect Internet
SpeedsUnthrottled1Mbps in general
512Kbps Streaming and Social Media
User ExamplesTeachers on district-owned devices.
Students on district-owned devices.
Professional Visitors
- AEA Staff
- Guest Speakers
Anyone on personal devices
AirplayAirplay SupportedNo support for Airplay  *


† These wireless networks require interaction with a splash page, using a browser, before the device is given access.
+ Faculty personal devices must get approval to use Fairfield Wireless from Admin when the intent is for student usage or instruction (for content filtering and traffic recording reasons).
* FCSD_Public do not support the use of Airplay or other broadcasting technologies as each connection to the Internet is shielded from all other connections also on the networks.

If your personal device has been blocked from accessing FCSD_Public, refer to this page on what you need to do in order to be unblocked.