Introduction to the Symposium

Warde Summer Symposium 2018:

Stay Educated!

Warde's Summer Symposium offers you more choices and opportunities to talk about things that interest you!

This is a great time to explore ideas and learn about topics that might not be covered in class. 

We have a wide variety of options for you to choose from.  

You can still read and discuss a great book in a Book Talk, or choose a Warde Talk and explore and discuss a topic  through readings, videos, art, songs, etc.

        The Options:

 Book Talks Books are great!  Pick from a variety of staff selected books, read it, talk about it! 
 Warde Talks Select a topic, inform yourself through many sources: videos (like Ted Talks), songs, poems, articles, art, speeches, etc., and then talk about it!  


Here's what you do:
1. Click on the Tab to see what Book Talks and Warde Talks are available.
2. Click on the Sign-Up Form to sign up for your Symposium! (Make sure you are signed into your school Google account before trying to sign up for the symposium.)
*The Sign-Up Form will start accepting responses on Wednesday, May 23rd!

                                                Space is limited, so hurry up!

Just Remember:
  • If you chose a Book Talk, read your book!
  • If you chose a Warde Talk, go to the Warde Talks tab and click on the Google Doc to get your copy of the Symposium!

You will receive an email by June 8th containing all links and information you will need!


9th Grade Summer Reading List brochure.docx


2018 Summer Symposium - 9th Grade Book Selection

If you selected a book, please jot down your ideas on a sheet of paper to bring with you to the symposium. If you selected Life at Warde, you will be getting an email shortly with the assignment that correlates to it.

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