Approval Process

CT Student Data Privacy Act 

This act requires the district to obtain contracts with specific language requiring the publishers/vendors to conform with the act when one or both of the following:

    1) The software/website used collects student identifiable information, such as names, ids, phone numbers, email addresses and similar

    2) OR the site collects/houses student created content

The district must also provide a methodology to:

    1) Allow parents to see/review any data collected on their respective students and provide a manner in which to remedy any errors in the information stored

    2) Have a process in place once we are no longer using a product, to request the company purge all data and content collected while we were using it.

    3) Send an email out to all parents and guardians when the district enters into a contract falling under this law and what information may be collected by that publisher.

    4) Have a process in place to notify parents and students if there is a data breach within 48 hours of receipt of alert

No teacher should be using any software application that collects student information or content and  has NOT been approved by the district. All requests for use must be submitted through this app approval process.  

If the app will gain possession of or have access to student information, student records or student-generated content as a result of your use with students it must be approved by the District Technology Steering Committee.

Apps must get approved in two areas: curricular/instruction and legal. For assistive apps the assistive technology coordinator is also involved. If the app is approved we must enter into a written contract with the vendor.

Teacher finds an App and checks the district Apps Currently in Use and Unauthorized Apps lists.  If not on either list teacher completes the following steps.

  1. Check Apps Currently in Use and the Unauthorized App list. If the app is not listed, continue with step 2.

  2. Teacher scans Terms of Agreement and Privacy Policy for Red Flags (see below) and looks at rating and reviews at

  3. If the teacher thinks that an App will be appropriate for their student(s), they complete an App Approval Request form. Click link for form Secondary Elementary

The Technology Steering Committee reviews the App’s terms of Agreement and Privacy Policy.

Check for the following Red Flags by looking for links to Licensing Agreements and Privacy Policy before submitting an app for approval:

Here are some of the “Red Flags” to look for when reviewing these agreements. Red Flags are aspects that could prevent approval for use of the App with students.

  • Licensed for personal private use

  • A service or resource required the user to be 13 years of age or older. (if you teach grade 9 or below this could be an problem)

  • Requires that a user account be made with the provider

  • Requires that the user be logged in with the provider

  • App collects, uses, shares, transfers personally identifiable information

  • Company has not signed the Student Privacy Pledge (

  • App age rating is above your students age

  • App has in-App purchases

  • App is subscription based

  • App is free, but runs advertising

  • App collects or houses student created content

  • Provider takes ownership of the copyright of student or teacher work