Research Process Forms

Use these forms to help you through the steps of the research process. If you need more personalized help, see the CONTACT page!

First Steps-Defining your topic

Pre-research Worksheet -Make sure that your topic is not too narrow or too wide and begin to develop questions using this form

Essential Question Worksheet-Use this form to help you to develop an essential question that will work well for a thesis

Thesis Development Worksheet- will take you from the Essential Question to your thesis statement

Finding and organizing the information

Database Exploration- Begin to just read about your topic and locate the best approved sources. Make sure to use "keywords" for your search.

Note-taking Worksheet 1- Try this template to keep track of your notes and document where you find your information.

Note-taking Worksheet 2- Try this form to see if it works better for you than the one above.

Note-taking Worksheet 3- Try this form to see if it works best for you.

Finding Information from online resources outside of databases

Evaluating Online Resources Worksheet - It is your responsibility to take notes from sites that are academically valid. You can use this worksheet to help you decide if the source you are considering is reliable. Not all websites that have information can be used for academic papers.  Make sure that you choose wisely.

Putting your Paper together

Sentence Outline Template- Once you have completed note taking, you can organize your notes into an introduction, three main arguments, and a conclusion section, using the format your teacher requires. Make sure to include full citations and in-text citations!

Guidelines for Quoting- Use these directions for including direct quotes in your paper

Basic Citations Formats- use these examples to create your Works Cited list

In-Text Citations Guide- use these examples to help  you cite sources within your paper

Creating the Works Cited Page-just some reminders, even if you use an electronic reference list generator

Works Cited Page Sample- use to check your own work.