Google allows you to create interactive and collaborative 
lessons and assignments.  
The modules below are designed to increase your 
knowledge and expertise of Google Suite applications.  

Click on the level that best matches your 
Google skill level and get started!
**All badges must be applied for by July 27, 2018

Beginner Google Badges

Designed for teachers who are not familiar with Google Suite.  Learn basic skills and then take quizzes.  Earn 3 hours PD credit after you score 80% or higher on at least 6 quizzes.
Intermediate Google Badges

For teachers who already have a basic knowledge of Google.  Teachers will demonstrate their knowledge of Google tools by creating products that they will use in their classroom.  These badges are "teacher-centered".
Advanced Google Badges

Teachers will implement projects in their class in which students will be using Google tools.  The teacher becomes the trainer and passes on their knowledge of Google tools to students.  These badges are "student-centered".