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Hello and welcome to Mr. Carr's website. This is a place to keep up to date with the classroom's events, homework assignments, helpful resources for your child and what your child will be learning this year. 

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As we begin the fourth marking period, your child's class will be wrapping up with their studies on ancient Rome. As usual, look for homework on Tuesday and Thursday nights. Many students are finishing up a poster project. This is in place of a choice menu on Rome. They may be asked to finish it home if they are running late. Lastly, they will be taking a cumulative exam on Wednesday the 6th. This test will cover all of the most important facts we've covered all year, and include all the civilizations studied. The students will be completing a take home study guide the day before the test. 
I will update again after the week of the 11th. Thank you. 

Jack Carr

6th Grade Social Studies