Welcome to our world (English I, English III, and math). 

**Please note: this site is not an end all.  It is designed to support communication, but not to alleviate students of their responsibilities in the classroom. Dates are subject to change as are assignments.  Please know that your student should be paying attention in class to assignment requirements, due dates, etc.  Thanks!
Who am I?

My name is Mrs. Trina Wilson, and I started teaching in Fairfield in the 2003-2004 school year when my husband, Paul, and I moved here after graduating from MSU-Billings.  My undergraduate work was in teaching English with a minor in teaching mathematics.  I went back to school after teaching a few years and earned a Masters degree in curriculum and instruction.  I have two beautiful daughters who keep me busy outside of the school day.  
Why are you here?

I am guessing you are here to check on assignments, quizzes, tests, papers, or other such work that you are doing for my class. Otherwise, you might be a parent who is checking on what your student should be up to in order to successfully complete our curriculum.  

Click on the links on the left hand side of the page to find the information you might be searching for.  This idea is a good one but one that is not second nature.  Please be patient, and I'll try to keep things up-to-date.