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Our virtual desktops are cursed!

posted Dec 9, 2010, 6:48 AM by
I cannot believe I am saying this but yet another problem has put a stop to our desktop virtualization project.  It is starting to feel like there is a curse on this project or that some higher power does not want Fairfield to have virtual desktops.  I placed an order with a trusted vendor for several 5 meter fiber optic cables to connect the virtual desktop servers to the SAN.  No biggie, 5 meter 62.5um fiber with LC connectors on both ends.  Pretty standard item.  Box arrived last Friday while I was out sick and sat on the corner of my desk while I played catch up and dealt with other things. 

Yesterday morning I decided it was time to crack open the box and get the ball rolling and what is the first thing I see, a "SC" connector.  Every cable in the box was an LC to SC cable, NOT the LC to LC that I ordered.  Oh, yes, I double checked my order and so did my vendor and it turns out some mook at the warehouse put the wrong cables in the box.  Sure, my vendor is having the correct cables sent overnight but that doesn't help my schedule.  Without the cables, I have no connection to the SAN.  Without the SAN I have no disk and blah, blah, blah.  Everything is pushed back again and it is driving me crazy. 

Why is it when you have such a high profile project on the line things like this, which are totally out of your control, happen?  People start to lose their enthusiasm and by the time you begin your roll-out they are all primed to find fault with it.   Time to find some good mojo to get this back on track.