PAL Boys Basketball

2017 Season Schedule

2017 PAL Basketball Championship
Congratulations to St. Ignatius - Green who won the 
PAL Varsity Boys Basketball Championship. 
SI defeated three time defending champion, 
Sacramento Country Day in overtime.
SI - Green all three PAL Sanctioned tournaments they
entered this year including the Sacred Heart/St. Mary's Christmas Invitational,
 the 49th Annual Jesuit Junior Classic and 
the Christian Brothers St. La Salle Classic Limberger Tourney!

In the Junior Varsity level, Sacred Heart emerged victorious 
coming from the #6 seed in the tourney and defeating Holy Spirit
in the Championship game!

2016 Season Schedule

Congratulations to Sacramento Country Day Boys Basketball 

teams for a clean sweep of both the JV and Varsity Competitive

PAL Basketball Championships on Sunday, February 27! 

Way to go Cavaliers!

This is the THIRD straight year the Cavaliers have swept 

the JV and Varsity Boys Basketball Championships!

                                                                                Congratulations to OLA who pushed Sacramento Country Day
                                                                                            in the JV championship on a late 3 pointer. 

                    Final score was 55-52 in Overtime!

In the Varsity Championship, St. Ignatius - Green gave it all they had

 but this SCDS team was special from the beginning. 

Their size, talent and coaching proved too much for their competitors.  

This is probably one of the best Boys basketball teams I have seen in 30 years 

at the PAL level. 

Thanks to all of the teams and coaches for a wonderful season. We had a total 

of 98 (!) teams participating in both Rec and Comp divisions. 

Special Note:

(Per PAL Guidelines) Uniforms: Please review the updated uniform policy in the PAL Guidelines.

PAL Recreational League (JV) Rule Changes beginning 2012:
Approved by the PAL Commission: 16 Minute running time per half, 3 time-outs per game and last minute of the game will be STOP TIME if point differential is 10 or less. Shooting fouls:1 shot for two points. On seventh team foul again 1 shot for two points. Pressing is permissible along PAL basketball guidelines (no press while there is a 20 point difference.) If player is fouled with a made basket, automatically add 1 point.
(Please see specific PAL Rule modifications listed below.)

Playoff Bracket Seeding Process:

Seeding takes into account league results first, head-to-head tournament results (when available) second. For seeding purposes, no team will be given a disadvantage for playing a 6 game league schedule versus a 7 game league schedule. When completing the seeding, brackets are set up to make sure that no common division opponents play each other in the first round! While a team may have been seeded higher or lower, the braket is adjusted to make sure that common division opponents don't face each other in the first round.


For your benefit and protection, I want to encourage you to review the entire PAL guideline booklet that your Athletic Director will provide you. Please be aware of the rules and regulations so that you are not caught unaware. Ignorance is not a defense. First and foremost all coaches must have a medical release form/emergency card for each individual on the team. The form/card must be present at every contest and will be checked by site directors.

PAL Basketball Rule Modifications:
(Any updates listed above will take precedent over these notes.)

1. All games / all levels: Each team must supply a scorekeeper with a book. At the conclusion of each game, both coaches will sign both books to verify that all eligible players have played. Each Home team, besides providing the "official" book, will provide a game ball (unless it is provided by the site) and each team must have a first aid kit. I would encourage you to have an extra jersey in case of blood contamination. (This rule will be enforced by the officials.) Each team will provide an official roster with names, numbers, etc. to the site director at the beginning of league play for verification of playing time and to facilitate entering names in the official book.

2. All Varsity competitive (boys & girls) level games will be played with a seven (7) minute stop time clock. Each team will be allowed three full time-outs per game, no :30 second TO's. Otherwise, Varsity level competitive teams will play under regulation High School rules. Local rules pertaining to running clock mandate a running clock with no press allowed anytime the difference in score is 20 or more points.

3. All Junior Varsity competitive and Varsity Recreation (boys & girls) level games will be played with a six (6) minute stop time clock with regulation High School basketball rules.

JV Recreation (Boys and Girls) : Games are sixteen (16) minute halves running time. Last minute of game will be stop time if 10 point or less point differential. Shooting fouls: 1 shot for two points. On seventh team foul (Bonus) again 1 shot for two points. There are 3 timeouts per game. Pressing is permissible along PAL basketball guidelines (no press while there is a 20 point difference.) If player is fouled with a made basket, automatically add 1 point.

4. Varsity Boys (Competitive and Rec) will play with the men's regulation size basketball. Boys JV (Competitive and Rec) and all girls programs (Varsity and JV) will play with the women's official size basketball (28.5".) Overtime rule is the same as HS, an additional 3 minute period with one additional time-out and carryover from regulation.

5. Only PAL sanctioned tournaments are open for PAL member schools. Teams cannot participate in other non-PAL sanctioned tournaments. Scrimmage and practice games can be arranged with other non-PAL (public or private) teams according to your discretion. (The PAL Mandates the use of Hawkins Officiating due to finger printing and background checks which meet the Sacramento Diocese requriements and conforms to the required "Shield the Vulnerable" mandates.)

6. Due to the large number of teams in the PAL, officials will be assigned based on the priority given the level of competition. Boys and Girls Varsity competitive games will have the highest priority. Hawkins officiating will do their best to provide a full complement of officials for all games but at times, only one official may be assigned due to man power constraints.

7. All other game rules will be under the National High School Federation rule book. Your school will receive a copy of this rule book to share at their school.

Any questions about these rule modifications can be directed to Gerry Lane at - Thank you!
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