Welcome to Mrs. Maves' Website

The 2018-2019 school year will be my tenth year teaching science. I moved to 
Greenville from Buffalo, New York in 2009. I received 
a Bachelors degree in chemistry with an education minor from the University at Buffalo. The following year, I went back to graduate school to receive my teaching certificate in science education. 

Contact Information
Email - smaves@faculty.brashiermiddlecollege.org
Room - 235

Block  Time      A Day B Day 
 1M-Th    8:00 - 9:30
F          8:00 - 9:05
Physics H  College Seminar 
 2M-Th    9:35 - 11:05
F          9:10 - 10:15
 Physics CPPhysics H
 3M-Th    11:10 - 12:45
F          10:55 - 12:00
Planning Planning
 4M-Th    1:20 - 2:50
F          12:35 - 1:40
Physics CP Chemistry CP   

Tutoring Schedule
Academic Assistance - Mondays after school
Tutoring - Wednesdays after school or during my 1B college seminar

All students and parents are encouraged to sign up for Remind 101. I will send text reminders throughout the school year about homework, tests, quizzes, projects, etc. To sign up, follow the directions below.

Physics Honors A Day - Send text to: 81010
                                              Message: @hphysicsa

Physics Honors B Day - Send text to: 81010
                                            Message: @hphysicsb

Physics CP A Day - Send text to: 81010
                                     Message: @physicscpa

Chemistry CP B Day - Send text to: 81010
                                          Message: @maveschemb

Enrichment - Send text to: 81010
                        Message: @enrichbmc
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